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CH 613 E7 Engine loosing power

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All that has been checked......electronic malfunction comes up and stays there. But I realize electronic malfunction is a coolant issue. Now am confused what's going on.

Still drives perfect for about 5 to 10 mins then the next thing it starts dragging with no power.

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when driving it and it does this, try down shifting and ring the rpms up to around 1800 then up shift again. Sounds stupid I know, but my vision used to lose power on a slight upgrade, lighting bolt would come on and she'd fall flat, split out of 13th, bring the r's up and it would go away, up shift and run it till it did it again.

the ecm was bad. mack replaced it and the truck was well out of warranty.

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Your E7 454 doesnt have the Mack "Stealth Brake" does it? Just an idea, as the 454 was the only model of E7 engine with this type of brake I believe. It was a combo of the usual rocker mounted mechanical engine brake with an exhaust brake mounted under the cab. (The 454's engine brakes seemed weak with compression brake only so Mack added to the package and it didn't last long.) might be worth a look to see if this 454 has the exhaust brake assembly under the cab still if it was ordered with the "Mack Stealth Brake". I've heard of guys not even knowing the system was on their 454 untill the gate in the exhaust started acting up. Most of the guys I know had the exhaust brake disconnected and deprogramed within 3 years of delivery due to constant issues. May not be your issue but its worth asking about. \

Give the big grey Deutsch connector at the injection pump a twist while its running and see if you have any worn pins or loose wires in that connection. That's a pretty common issue and will cut back on your throttle/power during a malfunction. Good luck.

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Definitely check your ecm harness the plug near the pump has issues with loose pins, you can replace them or just bypass the connector with a jumper wire, you can look for signs of a hot wire most have at least one. The stealth brake exhaust solenoid was an issue but that doesn't sound like this one. Definitely check the codes in the ecm and if you have low coolant it WILL derate the engine and shut it down, fix that first if you know there's an issue and you can go from there.

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