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When Mack Roamed Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Western Asia

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Ok, count it out. Gråsten - a town in Denmark.

Don't ask me how I could type that letter :whistling:

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Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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1 hour ago, Vladislav said:

Paul, too much of credit to me.

I (virtually) wiped my eyeglasses and looked at those letters on the screen. Norway, Sweden, Danemark... My bet it's in Danish. But it's more bet than a fact.

There's a Dutch guy who knows everything about every Mack in Europe. But he's a seldom visitor on here. I'll try tossing a question.


After thinking incorrectly that people from that side of the world would know for sure what it all meant I did some googling and it is definitely from Denmark 

I guess I really have egg on my face now, I  guess it would be like someone thinking because I'm Australian I would know whats going on over the top of Western Australia, I have never been there lol


All good Vlad and Frenchy, there really is little known about European Mack's except they had them and I think in quite large numbers as I have collected hundreds of photos of different ones from Europe and the middle East

Im sure it will all become clear in the future




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Jave just finished reading book 

Me, My Mack, Tehran and Back !


By AndybMacLean


A good read, if this type of thing intresets you then well worth a read

I'm fascinated by this era in Europe and the middle east, a era in transportation I will never understand as we never have any of the issues in Australia that these truck drivers had

So as Molly Meldrum would say "do your self a favor and go out and buy a copy" 

He would say this about vinyl records back in the day not books lol 



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At least Mack even though Owned by Volvo is still alive and well here in Australia, And we have the biggest range and horsepower ones available the Titan and SuperLiner at 685HP  for Big Roadtrain Operations, My Favourate Cab Over I drove on a B Double was A Mack Renault Quantum with a Cummins 525 HP ISX with an 18 Speed Fuller RoadRanger

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Well Im officially a dick 


Mike Tee sent some pics and story to go with them to share here and I  ruddy well forgot so please forgive me

I have a thousand excuses but the truth is I'm a useless joker at times  so sorry about this 

From months ago 


I'll have to send multiple emails due to file size





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And some more

These are the workers camps, we have similar set ups in lots of Australian mining and remote construction camps 


Mike Tee  sent me these on November 27, 2020

I'm bloody hopeless sorry Mike 


I'll have to send multiple emails due to file size




this is the last one! Hope they are of interest


Staff housing



family housing1081061363-Familyhousing-thumb-jpg-afa26

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