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Another stupid moose

Timothy Maikshilo

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I've heard that moose are migrating farther from their usual habitat all the time, and have been spotted as far west as Illinois.


I understand they can be quite dangerous, especially when alcohol is involved.

attachicon.gifmooseMail Attachment.jpg

Hey! I think they drove by here the other day! They were holler'in profanity out the window....

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My father used to hunt moose in Canada. I remember when I was little eating it. I love venison I know moose is grainier.

I like moose in stew to hide the taste.

Tastes like chicken

After a few beers it all tastes good!

Does that mean the moose drowned?

No it got out by the covered bridge and the water came up the next day. I think he was looking for Rocky!

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