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leaky engine


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My 79 rs has an endt 676 300hp manufactured in 1984. it seemed to have more oil on the outside of the motor than inside. I can add a gallon of oil, drive 300 miles, drain 2 quarts out of the air tanks and refresh oil all over the engine and frame and ground. the blowby isn't bad. nothing out of the fill tube or dip stick. Any ideas?

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I'm having a similar problem with my E-7 350, getting alot of oil in my air dryer even with a new compressor. Where does you compressor draw air from? If it draws before the turbo, while on boost it could be sucking oil past the pistons in the compressor. This wasn't the issue in my case (still havn't figured it out) but heard it is more common on older motors.

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could be pulling oil past the seals in turbo then compressing oily intake air, on top of bad rings in the compressor the compressor just about has to be the culprit.

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