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'56 b61t finally home

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Well after about 2 months i finally got my mack model b home safe and sound. I found it on craigslist in Newport, RI. Its a 1956 Model B61t with a 237, 5 speed, and rear end from an 84 r model and maxi cam brakes. It was convetered to a dump truck a while ago and most likely had the drivetrain swapped at the same time. On the drive home my father couldn't for his life get the truck to downshift, so he was stuck in high gear join up hills and he almost lost it on a few. Good thing the motor lugs down to about 800rpm and still pulls fairly well. It needs some minor body work and a good going through. Though the truck runs great as far as the motor, and drives very straight and true. My first question to you guys would be how would one go about making the rear duals track true, because they are wobbling for about an inch for two and looked pretty darn scary driving behind it. We had to get new tires for the rear so in the middle of newport swapped some 10.00-20 powerking crossbar tires with new rims but used the old spacers, could that be it? Thanks in advanced. Hope pictures work




1956 B61t 237, 5 Speed, Project

1993 Dodge W350 Dually, 12v, 5 Speed, Flatbed

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Not to shabby looking.

As far as the wheels=daytons are a little tough to get straight no matter what. The used spacer doesn't help either.

Spin the tire as you tighten with a socket on the ground next to the tire.

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