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I am now an O-Fish-e-al Fyr-fhiter


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I was driving in my Jay-pan truck and I look over at a factory parking lot (where I scavenge plastic pallets) and it has a dumpster on fire - black rolling smoke and flames jumping 10 feet high - my months supply of plastic pallets are really cooking!

I see a bunch of folks standing around with 2.5 pound extingushers watching the cars parked a foot away on either side start to have the paint smoke and bubble.

So I whip in, grab a chain, hook up to the end of the dumpster, and take off with it down the drive towards a big vacant parking lot. It all worked fine until I forgot to stop before the speed bump - the dumpster hit it, flipped upside down and slung burning trash all over the place. Oh S^%T!

But they now can spray with their toy extinguishers each individual buring item and they get it out. Then the front office folks want to know who is going to clean it all up - I unhook my chain, get back in my truck and as I drive off I tell them that they should have the people whose cars I saved start picking the crap up. I am out of here!

I went back by on the way home and they had moved the dumpster to a safer spot with no cars, and now the snowplow guys don't have to worry about the center of the speedbump.



The fire department called to say thanks, but the factory folks didn't - A holes.

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We seem to have alot of people here involved with fires and hay balers hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


 “Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy shit, what a ride!’


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That was obviously your intention all along. Those idiots just don't recognize a genius when they see one.

Thats right - that's the ticket!

I also screwed up in that I did not think to chock the wheels of the cars on either side of it? This fire fighting stuff gets complicated.

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Not to nitpick but the first rule in firefighting is rescue, then exposures, confinement, extinguishment, overhaul, with ventilation and salvage thrown in for good measure

(this is why firefighting is so labor intensive). But in this case there was no rescue so go for the exposures.


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What I saw was a fire that was contained in a handy metal box and 25 yards away was a big open concrete parking lot where it could burn all day without hurting a thing if we just pulled it over there.

I didn't think about looking in the dumpster to see if Wino Fred was in there or not..............

I guess I failed my fyr-fite-in' test, I will try and stick with moo cows.

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