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Love for the DEERE

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I have a 3010 from the same year - great old tractor. My new cab tractor was in the shop for over a month in the middle of winter. It was not as much fun feeding every day with the 3010 when it is cold out as it is using it to rake hay in the summer. But it started and did everything I asked it to do. That was the most it has been used in 10 years.

It is not worth much, but it would cost a lot to replace

I love those old photos

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Deere had a lot of mad customers in 1962 when they stoped building 2 cylinders. Customers changed their minds when they operated the "new generation" tractors for a time. Lots of old timers around here would not change over until the old 2 cylinders wore out. Can't get but so much horse power out of 2 pistons. I have farmed with a lot of deere's in my life and I feel there has never been a better tractor built than the 1969-1972 JD 4020. I can remember runing a #2 or #22 cotton picker mounted on a JD 720 diesel. You only had one ground speed (reverse!)

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I have a 46 long hood JD B. It has a nice paint job but now I have the engine tore down for overhaul. You can go to www.latc.us and go to the photo page and look at it before during and after paint. go to Doug Hallmark Sr album. While you are in the photo page and look at Skeet Cooper's album and see what happened to his B while loading. He did not get hurt.

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A couple of pictures of my JD from the past. It is a 1941 model H which featured dual fuel and hand flywheel start.

I never could get the carb and the timing just right where it didn't need about 10 tries to get it to start popping.

The nose was customized and the louvers suffered from a little too much parking by ear. There should actually be double the horizontal louvers. After cutting and welding it looked like it came from Deere that way.

The H was a little too fast in the woodlot but it did pretty good running a rake or tedder.

About 20 years ago it was sold off and it either went to CT or VT. Can't remember which.

nice tractor


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Always wanted an unstyled A with front and rear spokes!

There is older gentleman that lives the next town over, a collector with quite a few different makes and models , has one for sale I looked at last year thought his asking price was to high, this year he has since come down on price, it runs and starts is in over all fairly decent shape, it looked like an older resto maybe 15 years. I know that it is quite a ways but could be worth the trip if you worked a deal for the other one he wants to sell to. http://kansascity.cr...2933683512.html and http://kansascity.cr...2933688612.html


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Resize of scan0001.bmp

The first picture is my 1940 John Deere B. My father bought it used in about 1951 and I bought it from him about 15 years ago. It needs the carb rebuilt again. That is my grandson on it. I spent many hours on it as a kid-some before school.

The second picture is my new John Deere. It is a 1968 Mannheim 820. I use it to cut grass, push snow (???), plow my garden and sometimes haul wood. It has been a good tractor. I have owned it since about 1982.


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