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My Old Battle Wagon...

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I finally got a pic on here of my old 800. Its a 76 Model and I dont think I'd trade it for an 06 or 4 Volvos. I know I have talked about it enough that I needed to show a pic..lol. Its a good solid old truck that I'd like to completely restore one day. However I dont even know if any new parts can be had for it. I have had this thing since 98 and its probably wore out a few good drivers. Its parked at the moment and Im running my 92 R Model...but this one will always be my fav. With this truck I just haul with no worries. Gotta drive the R Model like its made of glass compared to this one..lol. Besides that you cant run the 800 fast enough to hurt it without injuring yourself in the process. :)

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It is all Mack of course it has a 2 valve 300 with a 6 speed. Nothing fancy just standard DM800 stuff. Rears are 65k's with 5.88 ratio. Tops out around 46-48 mph. One good thing about the 2 valve motors I have noticed over the years. You can get pretty crazy on the pumps turning them up. This one will turn the manifold and turbo both orange on a hard pull and after 7 years when I pulled a head...the pistons still looked perfect except for the one with the piece of the intake valve sticking in it...lol. Another long story but basically caused by stupidity (overwound).

Thanks GearheadGrrl I bet those trucks would sell like hotcakes in this region if they ever started building them again..lol. They are still pretty highly sought after. I imagine Sweden HQ would get a laugh out of that..lol.

Kevin are you from Ohio? Near Belpre/Athens?

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No-from the west central Alleghanies of Va-in a county known as Bath which is steadily going in a direction I dont like-As an aside Bath county came very close to being in Kanahwa during the war of southern secession. Our old tip turbine finally dropped some valves after a total of 750-800K miles on it{the ol fellar that had redone it did it on the cheap-dont think he touched the heads.Have some friends from the Columbiana area,thanks-Kevin

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Hey WV That ole :bulldog1: looks good to be 31 yrs old looks better than a new one :D & i bet can out pull a new one too ;) there is a demolition company down south of me in Memphis that runs DM 800'S & R 600'S W/ COAL BED FOR DEMOLITION TRUCKS man talk about the yards these beds can hold . & sound sweet doing it too ;)

GG : Volvo cant hold a candle to a :mack1: esp one like WV's ;)

later yall :)


You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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