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Shift Data Plate Swap

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Easy way to fix it............black magic marker the "Lo-Lo hole" of compound out. Then you'll have a shift plate for a Triplex LOL!!!

Same plate I have in my truck and it's a Triplex also. Don't think anyone is repopping them? If you were handy with photoshop and had a scanner you could make one.



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I had this made at a friend's trophy shop. Cost about ten bucks and looks a lot better in person than it does in the pic,due to a cheap camera.

post-1053-092893000 1289118481_thumb.jpg



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hmmmmmmmmm........I could do the art, output a separation, or even better, output a screen, and maybe a trophy shop could produce it!

I have a co-worker who makes his own PCB boards. He told me about this product: http://www.pulsarprofx.com/pcbfx/main_site/pages/going_farther/index.html

He says it works pretty well and their customer service is easy to deal with (apparently the head of the company is also the customer service representative!). Theoretically this would also work for making guage faces, dataplates and the like.

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