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Stainless Hood Hinge

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If I remember right, the "B Model Store" has them.


And yes,If the king pins are tight, we can work a deal.

Need a 60 gallon 'R' Model alum tank also.

Got the straps, etc. just need the tank!

Keep a clutchin'

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I know this post is 2 years old but i just checked in the B mack store and couldn't find a hinge that I need for the center hood hinge on my 1947 Mack EH I know The B Mack Store had them before, are they out of production now? Hope not mine's in pretty rough shape anyone got any suggestion as to where i can find new prefered or good used

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I have learned that the hinge itself is not unique to Mack, rather it was used on many manufacturers hood panels, including automobiles and pick-up trucks.

Someone here will know more about this than I do, but the hinge was a standard molding in the automotive industry.

Earlier someone did suggest that the DM hard-nose hood hinge might work, and I think it would. And Mack should have it available. The price should a little more reasonable if that is true.

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The original part number for the hinge is 4QM12P23. It is NLA from Mack. It indeed was the same part on everything that used butterfly hoods from ED 1 ton trucks to the DM800.

So, A's, B's, E's, L's, R's and DM need them. Just cut to length.

I have found a Ford part 40-16632 from Mac's Ford parts that worked ok on an ED. It is 34 inches long. The shape is "off" a little tiny bit but so far the function and general look is ok.

This hinge is not really the structure of the hood so I am going to experiment with welding two together to make a longer one for a B75. Its functions is to keep the two hood halves together.

I haven't tried but have even thought of just taking two that make up the right length and just butt the two pcs between the end caps and it will be captured. Unless someone is really looking for the "gap" it will be pretty tough to spot.

I hope Mack will tell Barry the maker at some point so another batch could be run. The part has been gone for about a year. The rolling tool for this part I doubt has been junked. We just need to find the company and get some raw stock flowing.

Sheller Globe which made many cabs for Mack was in the Midwest so there is a shop somewhere out there that has it.

After we get hood strips figured out, lets work on vent windows!



It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Ford "F" series trucks of the 40's through mid 50's use the same type strip and they are readily available through aftermarket suppliers albiet expensive. I'm thinking "Restoration Specialties" also had them. I'd ask you try them first as they are a small operation that really supports the antique hobby with what I consider very fair pricing.


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Dear All BigMackTrucks Expertise,


Can someone please help us find and quote ( original or replacement or equal ) the following parts for Mack Truck model R685 (Year 1972) :

1 ea of Lens & Rim Assy ; Part No. 36MO219P8

4 ea of Hinge, Hood ; Part No. 4QM12P23 or 4QM12P5

How much do they cost includes the cost of shipping to U3-32 Balikpapan Baru, Distric Amsterdam, Balikpapan city 76125, Indonesia.
Paying with Paypal or bank wire transfer.

Please use rajalampu@telkom.net for quote.

Your help and prompt reply would be much appreciated and thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Juliana

Procurement Officer

Raja Lampu Co. Ltd.

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