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My current truck is a 2000 DM Mack concrete mixer EM7 and T2080 I don't know the gear ratio, but he'll only do 65 @ 2,000 rpm I usually run 1,700 truck friendly revs though. The trucks runs great as it has only 88,000 miles. I want to kit it out and was wondering if it would be proper and applicable to add to a snorkle atop the air filter housing, like a Superliner? If so any idea as to were I could find one. Also, I previously drove a DM Mack with an extension from the housing to the cap, say about 18", I could ad one of those, if I could find one. Lots of driver just drive around with no pride these days, I mean, it's part of the job for one's unit to be respectable. That's what I want to do. Mad Mack I'm Back!

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Ok. I found another post. Donaldson makes an air ram and another that I'm interested in is the maradyne turbo precleaner. I'll just have to figure out how to mount this cleanly. Any ideas were I can find an extension from the air cleaner housing? Also, any advice on this set up for a concrete truck would be great. The turbo precleaner apparently uses centrifugal force to spin out contaminants, is this style similar the Australian spec Superliners. When the truck is getting loaded and on some jobs it's very dusty, I'm just wondering if this will hinder air flow in any way. I mean I'll settle for a chrome cap on a small extension.

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The Donaldson air ram scoop is relatively inexpensive and available in many sizes. The Maradyne "Turbo Precleaner" is not inexpensive at all, (at least to me). The extension is just a piece of aluminum air path tube that can be purchased at most heavy truck parts suppliers, or Donaldson themselves. If you extend the inlet up much at all, you best buy a bracing set to support the tube as the airflow running down the road will take it out of the clamps.

These things really don't hinder inlet air at all. The "air scoops" actually enhance the airflow at road speed due to ram air effect.


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as rob said donaldson has the most afordable ones. the plastic scoops will have side vents to help vent water out and to reduce any excess presser build up at high speeds. If you drive where there is alot of rain it will have an effect on the air cleaner and it will have to be checked/ replaced more often. I dont think you will feel any gains but it will help the turbo get its air a little better. biggest gain will be your good looks! and yea think about adding a brace at the top of the tube. some of the early R models with tall intake tubes had a bracket that mounted to the cab roof aera.


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Yea, I was checking out an MR Mack in the yard and it utilizes a tube extension(Donaldson). I'm going to try and borrow that one for a long time, do a little recession fit. I'll measure on Monday, cool thing it has a stainless steel rain cap. That MR is supposed to be fitted with a concrete pumper, but it's going to be at least a year, if ever. It had a Schwing pump, but those things get shipped over seas since they all drive on the other side, they leave the truck. With concrete mixers when it rains were mostly parked so I'll plan on tinkering with that snorkel, it looks like a paw or hoof sticking in the air, and it probably makes noise to bote. Also, the air should be cleaner up a few feet, away from turbulence or surface tension or yeah. Any more tips on securing this thing? The MR is fitted with a steel tube rail for support.

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here's what you need



this is the donaldson part i think you were talking about

and i agree with your original post, truckers need to take pride in their trucks. i prefer this old mack because it has personality, looks, and is more reliable than the new kw's i was driving. its not the fastest, but everyone knows slow and steady wins the race!

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