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    Old Mack Trucks, family business founded in 1920's had AC Mack Dump Trucks, Crane carrier, later updated to B Series trucks B63 and later B81's
  1. Just a beauty. My dad had a 55/56 B70 that was used virtually every working day until 1975 moving our bulldozers and loaders around NYC . Very reliable.
  2. Bryan: Small world, my son worked for Tallman Builders in Fairfield County for several years (excavator's brother he told me). Mike P.
  3. My dad had an AC with a a Lorain crane. Was used daily until mid 50's and as yard crane until about 1962, it was then sold to a Westchester contractor who used it on sewer jobs for several more years.
  4. My Dad bought three identical B63's in 1955 for his excavating company in the Bronx. Ran them hard for ten years without ant problems (very little hiway use) but great for pulling a heavy load out of 8-10 excavation sites, later swithched to B81's. Mike P.
  5. Not sure this applies but my dad purchased a new B70 s/a in 1955/56. It was used daily to move excavating equipment in the NYC are until 1974. Very reliable , never any problems (unsure of engine size but it pulled a Rogers 20 ton capacity lowboy). Mike P.
  6. Wow a B70, not to many of those . My dad's excavating business used one to move equipment on a daily basis throughout the NYC area. I belive it was purchased new in 1955 and worked until the business was sold in 1972. Had less than 75,000 miles on it. Mike P.
  7. If you look in the "gallery albums/Palma Contracting Co", there is a picture of my dad's Mack AC with a Lorain 37 crane. Would enjoy seeing a picture of yours. Mike P.
  8. !956 B70 (gas) s/a. This tractor was our prime mover and worked every day until the late '70's. 2 more photos in next post. Mike P
  9. Wish I had $ and room to store it. I hope it finds a good home. We had three 1956 B63's bought new in '56. Attached are 2 photos.
  10. International Harvester used by our company exclusively from early '50's to mid 70's including TD14A, TD15, 175 and 250 series. Attached are a few photos. Enjoy. Mike
  11. Here's the lowboy with some weight on it. Mike P.
  12. This is old information but maybe helpful. I have attached a photo taken in 1964 in New York of a 1956 B70. If you zoom in you will see the tractor weighs 12,580lbs with trailer showing a MGW of 40,000 lbs. Again old but maybe interesting. Mike P.
  13. Photos of working Macks at job sites from the 1940's to the 1960's
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