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  1. Hi,the filter didn't accidently get put in backwords ,did it? I'm not familiar with Granites, but have seen this done on R models a couple of times. Good luck, Steve
  2. Hi,I would start by checking the reostat that dims and brightens the dash lights. Check to see if you have power going in and coming out. These are known to give problems occasionally. Thanks,Steve
  3. Tank about made in USA. I recently rebuilt a big cam3 Cummins and cast in the inside of the pistons is made in China, These were genuine Cummins parts from Pittsburg Power.A friend told me this has gone on for years, where have I been. Maybe the aftermarket is made here. Thanks, Steve
  4. GG2, have you talked to Dave Rowcliffe in Albion. The last I knew he still ran a couple of old Brocks. He would sure know where to get parts .Thanks, Steve
  5. Greengiant, that old Brock looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it in person.Maybe someday I'll see if I can set up a time to stop in and check it out if you would be so inclined. Just love these oldies brought back to life again.
  6. hI,with some of our first CH models with V Mack 1 we had problems with the wiring harness where it went behind the windshield washer bottle. The wires would rub bare and short out. This is the harness that goes from the cab to the pump harness.Just a thought, might want to check. thanks, Steve
  7. Hi, I think it is a good idea to clean out the cooler. In the past I have used Dawn or Joy and lots of hot water to flush them out. The oil and gunk in the cooler insulates it and the heat exchange is lessened. Of coarse you should remove the cooler to do this. Good luck, Steve
  8. Trey, I'm partial to the Fontaines.They have a positive lock with the bar that slides behind the pin. They are easy to rebuild, no welding and grinding. The new ones are cast steel instead of stamped so the Holland fans may be more apt to try. Easy to adjust for wear.My choice by far. Steve
  9. Rick, yes this does have the alarm. I am planning on putting this in my 84 superliner when I redoe it. I will keep an eye out for another. May even check with a Mack dealer using the part no. I gave you. I'll keep in touch, Steve
  10. greengiant, I'm about 2 miles from their shop.
  11. Hi Rick, Yes I have one in front of me . It's a Kysor electronic in-dash clock.This was purchased new in 1987 and never installed. It carries the Mack part number 34MT29301 on the box. It has the 4 red buttons on the face and 3 wires on the back, ground,key and battery. Thanks, Steve
  12. Hi, my friend tells me the oil bleeds briefly when dynatard is first applied from port at base of solenoid. Thought that was odd so checked another E7 that he was retorqing heads on, same thing. We thought oil bled when solenoid was released not applied. We wre looking for a diagram of oil flow in dynatard.couldn.t find one. I will check old service bullitens tomorrow for any info. This was a Mack pedigree reman that he rebuilt after only 160K miles.He used OEM parts including heads. Thanks, Steve
  13. Hi, We use alot of PAI parts,I feel they are good, but I ahave always felt everything should be OEM.No problems with them, just old school keep it OEM mind set.Thanks, Steve
  14. Hi, Im thinking this would be Doug Jr. This is Steve Morse from TJMarquart's in Gainesville. You helped me with a couple of Red River trailers back when.Look forward to talking to you.

  15. Hi, a friend just rebuilt a mechanical E7 350.This man is a fine mechanic who has an excellant reputation of being the best.He did an inchassis with piston and liner kits, rod and main brngs, pump and injectors and rebuilt heads. When the engine brake is turned on it works fine but when it is shut off one cylinder on no.1 head stays on until the oil pressure drops.He changed the dynatard solenoid, still did it. Thought maybe an exhaust hydraulic lifter was sticking,went thru and reset.Switched complete rocker from front to back, problem stays in front head. will do this when brake is manually
  16. In 1982 we bought a 1979 Superliner with an 8v92 430 hp. This was factory, an RWL770LST. As depicted by the L it did have an aluminum frame. This was about 220" w.b. and had a 36" sleeper. It had a Spicer SST14 air shift. We used it for many years and now a farmer down the road has it.Thanks, Steve
  17. Doug.hope the Titan is half the truck your R and RW's were.
  18. Hi,you don't want to try to straighten the harmonic balancer and you sure shouldn't run the engine with a bad one.These have a ring inside that is free to turn to balance the pulses and vibrations. A bent one will cause damage to the engine.Another one doesn't have to be balanced to the motor, but these will were out over time and the ring won't turn inside.You can tell if you put on a bad one, the fan belts will throw off. Good luck,Steve
  19. The early CH models only had 3 speed wipers and digging back in my memory I'm sure all we did was change the switches to get intermittant wiper action. Your R model should be no different. Thanks, Steve
  20. Thanks for the pics and help. after seeing what you have done it makes it alot easier for me. That is a gorgeous western 700. Steve
  21. Thanks Trent, did you fab the two lower ones or just the top where it holds the stack? If you made the lower ones maybe you could take a picture for me. Thanks, Steve
  22. Hi, was wondering if anyone out there would have a set of the aluminum brackets that hold the mufflers to the cab on the superliner 1. I just bought an '84 and these have been mangled by the last owner mounting 10 inch mufflers instead of the 8.75 or 9 " that belong. I need all 4. thanks, steve
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