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  1. Does anyone know how many superliners were built with 8-92 Detroits? I've seen one, but when I asked the driver if it was an engine swap he informed me that was what it came with. I was just wondering if there were a bunch of them built with detroits or if only a few slipped out with jimmy power under the hood...
  2. I'd search the internet for a chip. idc-solutions.net has one rated for 10-30% performance gain, Diesel Specialits lists a Blixxton module for the E7. If you don't think any of those would work you could always have someone custom tune it with a laptop.
  3. Hey, it's nice to meet everyone out there. A little about me I'm a college student, I grew up in omaha. I've always been a fan of big trucks. We actually moved froma small town in northwest Iowa when i was three and our neighbor let me and two of my older brothers ride in the semi down to omaha, from the pictures I've seen of that day it looks like it was a Kenworth K100. The house we moved into was on the southwest side within two hundreds ayards of interstate 80, so seeing trucks especially macks was an everyday occurence. The addiction took over though when they redid te bridge north of our
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