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  1. Sounds good I'll take them,will send you a private message..Thanks
  2. Are they the 42 inch offset?if so how much do want for them,I am currently waiting on a price for one new one but will consider yours if price is comparable,Thanks
  3. MACKS

    Bumper guide..

    Just checked there site,,will call tomorrow,I'm so old school,I think Im the only one using these on a cl 700..lol they look sweet tho..
  4. MACKS

    Bumper guide..

    Thanks Chevy will check them out..
  5. looking for one old style heavy chrome pipe bumper guide,the one you can mount a dog on.
  6. Does anyone have one of the old type bumper guides for Macks,the heavy chrome pipe that also has a place to mount the dog on that you would sell or know where i could find one ?
  7. Ok just an update,I thought I knew how to adjust a clutch but no,now I do lol,what I was doing wrong was the way I was adjusting the free play,thought that was done with the internal adjuster,but now I know to adjust the brake first and then adjust the internal adjuster till you have 1/2 inch to 3/4 space in between the brake and throw out bearing,after that if your free pedal is correct your done if not you must adjust the clutch cable ends to get the free play,there it is now my clutch works perfect..
  8. Thanks for the help guys,I'm gonna go ahead and have a new clutch installed,this one has been in for the eight years i owned the truck and not sure how long before i bought it,I think its due.
  9. 1996 Mack cl,I cant get a good adjustment on my clutch,I tried to adjust the clutch brake first and than the free play and I end up with no clutch at all.it wont engage,fooled around with it till I finally got something,now I have free pedal but no clutch brake,If I depress the pedal halfway to the floor the clutch will disengage and the tranny will stop spinning so I can get it in gear and seems to work ok when I release it but if I push to pedal all the way to the floor the clutch will engage?why does it do that,is it just time for a new clutch or what could be wrong?
  10. You might want to check at a marine store like West Marine,they have all kinds of polish and protector for aluminum.
  11. Any experienced truck driver knows you have to build up some speed before crossing a bridge like that..lol
  12. Thats it in a nut shell,save some money and use roof flashing to stiffen the sheet metal,thats where the noise is coming from,once it gets into the cab it just bounces around unless its absorbed by something like soft interior panels,newer trucks like your cl or ch are so quite because of the way the cabs are so well isolated from the rest of the truck,no vibrations getting into the metal of the cab,not much you can do about that except new cab mounts if needed or trany mounts also..good luck
  13. I don't think safety is an issue,why would it be,heck they make a three leaf 44000 camel back and those springs are only four inches wide,I know a lot of people in down state NY would like to do this since so many are adding drop axles to dumps with 58000 rears to save there overweight permits but yes it would defiantly have to be legal if even possible.
  14. I have no idea thats why i asked here,thought maybe someone done it,I'm gonna call my spring shop and see what he says just for the hell of it.
  15. just my opinion but don't do anything you don't have to,if your not going to drive out of state you dont need to get a med card so why do it,F the feds,they want to control every aspect of out lives..
  16. probably something to do with interstate vs intrastate,she might need the k restriction witch they will give you if you certify to intrastate only,not sure about school bus drivers,to many people at the dmv still don't what the hell is going on.
  17. Here's the deal,if you got your first cdl on or before 9-9-99,check that date because i don't remember the exact date off hand you can certify excepted with a k restriction the k means you can only drive intrastate,you will not give up any anything and in the future you can change it if you want to drive interstate you will just have to get the physical and re certify,this is the same in all states since all cdl are now federally regulated,,
  18. Actually I have 10 leaves in my spring pack but they are 5 inches wide and look thicker then the ones on 44k.
  19. I added a 20000 drop axle this past winter for permit reasons so that would not be a issue,the problem now is ridding empty on 58k,kicking my ass for nothing on these crap roads we have around here..
  20. My thoughts exactly,although they would have to remove more than three i would think,the 58 leaves are thicker and wider than the 44,could be done if they could figure out the weight rating,im thinking it would have to be certified to be legal right.
  21. The 58k are five inch wide and the 44 are four inch,does anyone make and aftermarket spring that would get this done,thought about asking a spring shop if they could come up with something,any body ever do this?
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