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  1. How low is the oil pressure and when do you get the vibration could it be a bad damper?
  2. Depends on what off set the rims are.
  3. I have no idea so what would the difference be?
  4. I don't get it,they use there own engine and everyone else components,so what makes them so good and tough?Cant be any better than a Kenworth or Pete or International..
  5. Is the old style still available, the heavy duty chrome with a place to mount the small bull dogs on top?
  6. MACKS

    NY DOT

    You can add one more to the list, NYS DEC Forestry,they pulled me over on riverhead speonk rd and were all set up in the collage parking lot,crazy..
  7. It depends on how much there moving,if there walking out just turning a normal corner im thinking you need work done especially if you have brass.
  8. Power wash is the way to go,I tried steam and it seamed to just bake the grease on even worse than it was'
  9. MACKS


    It's all about the money..
  10. 6,000 for a turbo,holy crap what the hell is it made off?
  11. That would be nice but I dont think there's enough room,never had a filter on any of my other dumps and no problems,see how it goes,so if any one has a similar problem you know where to look first.
  12. No filter,my fuel tank was converted to a hyd tank when i added a drop axle,thats where that piece of aluminum came from,I took the tank off and flushed it out good added all new hyd fluid,400 bucks just for the hyd fluid,nothing is cheap any more..lol
  13. Do they sweep it up and re use it?
  14. Gave it one more shot and pulled out the entire relief valve cartridge witch I didn't do before and found the problem,a little piece of metal stuck in there,back up and working perfectly. . Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  15. Drained it out and dropped the pump,took out the selector valve and clean it and inside and also the pressure valve blew everything out with compressed air and also clean out hyd tank and re installed with new hyd fluid,same problem,so tomorrow I'll get a new pump and be done with it..
  16. exactly my thought but where and how do i get to it to clean it,if i wasn't hauling asphalt i could let it go.
  17. Its a telescopic,let it down and tried to stop it but it just slows it down,it comes down normal if i put it in hold or up position it just comes down slowly.
  18. Im sure its not the piston and the valve is closing all the way,i went under and taped it in the make sure,could there be something wrong with it like o ring or something,seems like its just not shuting of the flow.
  19. Its a side mount pto and Munchi hyd pump mounted to a Mack 12 speed.problem is all of sudden the body wont stay up loaded or empty,goes up fine but then slowly come right back down,the directional valve is moving freely back and forth when i move the lever,its air operated,thinking theres dirt or something stuck some where,but where,can i take something apart and clean it or should i take the pump off and bring it somewhere to be fixed,got to get back up asap,thanks for any help
  20. Sounds to easy..lol,congrats.
  21. Yup,i just cleaned my evaporator for the first time on my 96 cl,what a difference.vent temps are now 44-45,also make sure the gasket in the cover is good or you wont pull the air across the evaporator
  22. I will check with mack thanks for the info.
  23. I just cleaned the evaporator on my 96 cl,the one side was caked over with hardened dirt but there are no filters on my truck,should there be?AC works 100 times better now.
  24. Well it rides awesome on a smooth road but they are few and far between here on long Island,lol guess were not paying enough taxes for nice smooth roads..
  25. Yup,apparently the factory gasket doesn't have the removable strip in it so the whole gasket has to come out,I don't know how the heck they got it back in lol
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