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  1. Pictures of the Week

    Love the "Pictures of the Week" segment. Now I'm going to have to make a nice meatloaf this week.
  2. Great show once again. I would like to thank everyone who makes it possible. Special thanks to the guys who bring the trucks to the show. Feel free to add your pics.
  3. Nice Superliner

    I was able to get a good pic of the R at the Macungie Show.
  4. Pictures of the Week

    Is the onion load secured properly?
  5. Nice Superliner

    Yea I was talking to the driver, they do have various Macks, about 10 in the fleet.
  6. Nice Superliner

    Seen this nice Superliner at a small fund raiser / truck show in central NJ today. Didn't get any specs on the truck. They run the local area doing all types of dump work. These trucks are used everyday. Nice looking R in the background, too many people around the R to get a clean shot.
  7. I used American Collector Insurance in Cherry Hill a few years ago for my Monte SS, They were good to deal with, and reasonable. Worth a call to see if they cover antique trucks.
  8. Macungie 2016

    GREAT SHOW!!! Thanks to everyone who run this event. I was walking past the command post and the MC announced, we have our 700th truck.
  9. My only concern would be attracting the attention of a DOT Officer. We all know once you get pulled in for an inspection, they can always find something wrong with the truck. I have no problem with using older, paid off equipment.
  10. We sure like to see old Mack's still working, as does Mr DOT officer. I would be concerned around the check points with this tractor.
  11. TJ, don't tell us what year. I guess 1981. Let the guys guess.
  12. 5 speed to 10 speed

    Will Keg's Mack 250hp / Mack 5 speed retro fit into a B Model? If so, someone on the BMT Forum may be able to make a deal. Then I would put an E-6 350 / Fuller RR 9 speed combo into the R Model. Pending the budget of course. I drove that set up running local NJ/PA in the early 2000's and it worked well.
  13. Nice looking, original R Model, getting harder to find everyday. Whats the plan? Work with it as is, restore, keep it in storage? Being a tandem tractor, and having to pull heavier loads, I would prefer a 9 speed over the 5.