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  1. Macungie sure will be different with out the Skip line up. Always said it must take a lot of time and effort just to get the trucks there. Glad I was able to witness it over the last few years.
  2. There are two or three threads going, but I will post here. Rich, real nice pics of the show. Once again thanks to everyone who puts this show together and the guys who bring their trucks out. I stopped by the information booth about 1:30pm and they said there was a record turn-out of 840+ trucks. Seen some really nice trucks, the time, effort and $$$ that goes into these restorations are very impressive. Keep up the good work and see ya next year.
  3. Is this show open to the public, or you have to be a member? Thanks
  4. Cool truck and pics. That truck has seen plenty of action, love the history. I think these trucks still have a purpose in the fire service, even after all these years.
  5. In my town here in NJ, no commercial vehicles on residential property. IDK if you register it antique, probably would still get some issues from neighbors. Have to remember, we might think the old trucks are cool, but most neighbors don't.
  6. Dam, Cut a tire, repaired or had to replace it? No straps on the coils? Should be chains? Just asking? Nice looking pilot in the wheel house!
  7. Cool Mlke, I thought they were a little better on fuel. Maybe someday I will spot ya running the top end of the NJTP.
  8. Nice, What type of work are you doing with it? Keep us updated on how its working out.
  9. Happy New Year from a cold New Jersey. Everyone have a Happy And Healthy 2018!!!
  10. Love the "Pictures of the Week" segment. Now I'm going to have to make a nice meatloaf this week.
  11. Great show once again. I would like to thank everyone who makes it possible. Special thanks to the guys who bring the trucks to the show. Feel free to add your pics.
  12. Is the onion load secured properly?
  13. Seen this nice Superliner at a small fund raiser / truck show in central NJ today. Didn't get any specs on the truck. They run the local area doing all types of dump work. These trucks are used everyday. Nice looking R in the background, too many people around the R to get a clean shot.
  14. I used American Collector Insurance in Cherry Hill a few years ago for my Monte SS, They were good to deal with, and reasonable. Worth a call to see if they cover antique trucks.
  15. GREAT SHOW!!! Thanks to everyone who run this event. I was walking past the command post and the MC announced, we have our 700th truck.
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