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  1. Took ours for the first time to a truck show on the 10th. Was excited to walk away with an award
  2. Have a new set up this year and was able to finally get it tuned in well. I spun the tires off the line a little. 379 ft
  3. the cfm you gain in the headers is crazy. you can have the smaller crossover pipe if you request it.
  4. You had your daily driver fire ringed? Wow! Was you blowing head gaskets a lot?
  5. They are great motors we have had several of them. You can also get arp head bolts if the stock headbolts seem to give you issues. They will last a long time if they are not turned up a bunch and ran like crazy. One thing you do need to upgrade if you turn up the fuel is the turbo. With the fuel turned up on the stock turbo the pyro runs hot very fast. You can upgrade to a holset or one of the borg warners, you will get crazy good boost at low rpms and keep temps down.
  6. Are you the guy who has posted e9 stuff for sale on ebay?
  7. We have an 83 rd e6 350 with an Allison hd750 behind it factory. Also have a granite with a mp7 with an Allison. I also heard mack made a handful of e9s with and Allison behind them special order to pull around airplanes at an airport. That combo would be fun to play with.
  8. Need a Bosch P7100 Inline "Straight 8" injection pump core can be in any condition tom.brown@ecotoh.net (740) 584-9003 also any injectors for cores too can be bosch or ambac injectors
  9. Good luck selling these. I have a freshened 866 pump ready to go and didnt have much luck selling it.
  10. Looking for any rocker assemblys for an e9 v8 with no dynatards, has to be non dynatard. I dont necessarily have to have a complete set for a whole motor, just like a few for spares. Dont need the push rods either. tom.brown@ecotoh.net Thanks!
  11. Looking for a complete set of mack e9 v8 injectors. They can be used or in any condition as they will be rebuilt anyway. Prefer the ambac injectors but bosch is fine too. tom.brown@ecotoh.net Thanks!
  12. We have a 1980 Superliner with an aluminum frame. Still in good shape, but it spends its life indoors now.
  13. I run them too. Definitely worth it. For a work truck I would go with a fass 150 or lower. Think of it this way the fass pump will make sure your pump has the supply of fuel and it won't over fuel you as your pump will only take what it needs.
  14. What type of motor and tranny are you using Staxx?
  15. I had a guy custom make me a replica of our pulling truck and I found the sled on ebay. He does very nice work. Customized hitch, fenders, etc
  16. My Superdog parked beside another. I bet you can guess which truck that is....
  17. Looking for a used mechanical 400 mack motor. tom.brown@ecotoh.net
  18. Its because the exhaust housing on the turbo is closest to the right side of the Y-pipe and it puts out some pressure around 70 psi boost
  19. Al what would we be hot street or pro street? I'm guessing pro street... May be a possibility. It is a hike for us over there but I would like to maybe go.
  20. FInally getting her tuned in good.
  21. Quick question. Where does cheater gear (high side all the way over and down)fall into the pattern on a fuller. Is it between 4 and 5th? Tranny is a 15 speed double over
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