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  1. He lives and works in Lynchberg at Carters Equipment only a few miles away
  2. Great photos! Particularly my grandsons Duster.
  3. I recall Manchester N.H. had a dealer selling them New England Kenworth??
  4. Probably not, at least with my luck.
  5. If it is the same as the N14 this is the specs. The crank gear has one timing mark that is aligned to cam gear which has two marks.....and cam gear has two different marks one is for crank gear to cam........and other is for cam to accessory drive. It will only line up one way. Have crank gear at 12 o'clock position the cam gear will have two marks one will be at 6 o'clock position to align with crank and other will be around 2 o'clock position to align with accessory drive. Hope it helps.
  6. It's more than tensile strength. It also goes to annealing the blanks before forming them, the radius of the flanges on the channels, heat treating them after forming to return them to their required Rockwell number , boring the holes for the fasteners instead of punching them and even down to using the proper amount of coolant during drilling and cutting. Most all of that will give you an eventual failure point.
  7. This is the photo that started it all. Did a lot of digital work to get the phone number off of the unit in the back ground, computer work to trace the number and the address, than Google Earth federal version to get the location of the truck and be sure it was still currently intact. At least on the way back I stopped in Philly and put a deposit on a pair of ex USAF AM General M900 series power units, so it wasn't a total loss. Go back and pick them up in 2 weeks. Hosted on Fotki
  8. Lots of air gets trapped in those systems, in all reality vacuum bleeding it the best and quickest way. Otherwise you just need to spend a lot of time going back to bleed it. Air is usually in the secondary part of the booster system.
  9. Yeah but it was a wasted trip. Got the "I'm going to restore it when I get free time." The guy is 77 years old,shuffles along with an O2 machine and smokes. Stinks because it is the glass one piece nose, cast radiator, wheels, fuel tanks and a lot of other small bits I need/want. I'll post up the chase photos tomorrow.
  10. Should be in Utah on May 10 for the 150th year celebration of the Golden Spike. Home / News / News Wire / UP releases schedule for 4014, 844 steam trips to Golden Spike anniversary UP releases schedule for 4014, 844 steam trips to Golden Spike anniversary March 13, 2019 RELATED TOPICS: UNION PACIFIC BIG BOY | UNION PACIFIC | STEAM/PRESERVATION | WEST | TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD Trains Industry Newsletter Get a weekly roundup of the industry news you need. Sign up By signing up you may also receive occasional reader surveys and special offers from Trains magazine. View our privacy policy. UP Big Boy No. 4014 at the Cheyenne, Wyo., round house on May 8, 2014. Five years to the day later, it will arrive in Ogden, Utah, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. TRAINS: Jim Wrinn. Union Pacific locomotive No. 844 will begin this spring's steam festivities, leaving Cheyenne, Wyo., on April 27 to begin its trip to Ogden, Utah. TRAINS: Jim Wrinn CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Union Pacific has announced its long-awaited schedule for steam operations this summer, featuring the return of Big Boy 4-8-8-4 No. 4014. Events begin Saturday, April 27, with 4-8-4 No. 844’s departure from Cheyenne. It will travel to Rock Springs, Wyo., that day, and to Ogden, Utah, on April 28. It will be on display in Ogden April 29-May 4 and May 6-8, then take part in the Gold Spike 150th anniversary celebration in Ogden on May 9. The Big Boy will be christened on Saturday, May 4, in Cheyenne at 9:30 a.m., and depart a half-hour later for Rawlins, Wyo. On May 5, it will go from Rawlins to Rock Springs; on May 6, from Rock Springs to Evanston, Wyo. After a day in Evanston with no public display, it will travel from Evanston to Ogden on May 8 and take part in the celebration on May 9. Both locomotives will be displayed in Ogden May 10-11 before double-heading back to Cheyenne, traveling from Ogden to Evanston, on May 12 and Evanston to Rock Springs on May 13. After two days of display in Rock Springs (May 14-15), the doubleheader will move to Rawlins on May 16 and to Laramie, Wyo., on May 17. After one day in Laramie with no public access, they will complete the return to Cheyenne on Sunday, May 19. A full schedule with times and information on intermediate stops each day is available on the Union Pacific website.
  11. That's the Packard Plant, been abandoned since 1956. Wasn't near there but did get to have a 4 hour visit with Michigan Specialized Truck Enforcement Team because my trailer is ex military and the numbers looked "off" to them.
  12. Wonder it it is the old Kemp FG. The Motor Transport Museum in Campo, California has 2 FG's Motor Transport Museum. 31949 California 94 Campo, CA 91906 (619) 478-2492
  13. https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/wwii-era-flying-wing-plane-has-fatally-crashed-on-state-1834228459
  14. That Pete isn't for sale unless as the owner said "I get a zillion bucks for it". The 5000 price you saw mentioned was for a one piece glass mack nose.
  15. Russia's new nuclear submarine Belgorod was launched at Sevmash submarine making factory in Severodvinsk on April 23. The submarine will be the first carrier of Russia's new ominous weapon - the Poseidon underwater drone. The underwater vehicle can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear munitions to strike aircraft carrier groups, coastal fortifications and infrastructure. The submarine and the Poseidon drones will undergo tests for two years before they can officially join the Russian Navy. The Poseidon underwater drone is capable of carrying nuclear and conventional munitions at large depths at a high speed. The Belgorod submarine is a revised project of Antey 949A multi-purpose nuclear submarine similar to the Kursk nuclear-powered sub. Military experts believe that Russia can use the Poseidon underwater drone only in the event of nuclear aggression against Russia as a retaliatory strike. The drone is very hard to detect as it can travel at large depths and build unpredictable routes.
  16. $275,000 to $300,000 Classic cars have always been a hit among auto enthusiasts, and that group includes the classic Ford Bronco. California-based startup Zero Labs Automotive decided to create an all-electric version of that iconic vehicle, or to be more specific, it’s a fully restored and re-engineered original Bronco, complete with aerospace grade carbon fiber bodywork, handcrafted walnut / bamboo interior panels, premium leather, a retro-styled digital gauge cluster and more than 1,000 newly-designed parts. Two caveats: it’s expected to cost between $275K – $325K and limited to just 150-units worldwide. Read more for two additional videos, pictures and information. It’s powered by a 70 kWh lithium-ion battery that is compatible with Level 2 charging feeding a 360 hp permanent magnet AC motor for a driving range of 190 miles on a full charge. The electric motor is paired with a five-speed manual transmission that sends power to a part-time/full-time four-wheel drive system. “The Bronco’s off-road prowess is further enhanced by the Currie front and rear differentials, an adjustable Fox coil over suspension, and Brembo six-piston caliper brakes. The electric Bronco is also fitted with digital telematics, a digital gauge cluster that sticks to the original design, and CAN network. All vehicle diagnostics and controls are placed behind a hidden screen and can be viewed on the user’s smartphone".
  17. Aside from the mods for the longer engine and shifter location the cabs are the same. Might need to do a gauge pod swap but most likely not. Paul
  18. https://www.ebay.com/p/Mack-Ratio-Adapter-119AX5247/601220894
  19. My R with a Premier seat had to 3/8 bolts so the bag didn't shift in the seat cup.
  20. 15 to 16 pints plus and additional 1.5 if axles were pulled and re installed. Same rear as LN8000, and big GMs in the 70's/ 80's
  21. Just over 1100 miles one way with my Marmon and M172 trailer. Hopefully 700 miles home with a new B
  22. Claribin hood, early 4 hole Alloy front wheels, long aluminum Mack tanks, Cat powered. Past spring it is almost all hidden under grape vines. Called every dirt hauler, construction company, storage yard and repair shop in St Joe before I found it. Post a few photos after I'm physically next to it. The hood is what I want but the wheels, tanks and Cat parts are a bonus. It's all for my build of my mixer is the how I would have ordered it when new.
  23. Got to St. Joe this afternoon. So now the quest begins for the Grape Vine B
  24. My nearest neighbors in Riverhead were living large off the state and would whine about my trucks, plowing fields at 7 a.m. and my dogs. Put antique plates on all of my hulks and put them on his property line, made a larger dog crap catapult for spicing up his pool and told the farmer who leased my fields to not turn in the rotten crops but put them along the fence line. No more issues after the local code enforcement said I was legal 100% and he was in violation for no C.O's on the pool, rear deck Gazbo, that his fence was on town property and the rocks he put on the edge of the county road were illgal and he was getting cite and fined to the tune of $250 per rock. Life is good. In Virginia my nearest neighbor is over a mile and a half away and the nearest in Maine is just under 20 miles away.
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