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  1. The justice system treats the criminals 100% better than the elderly and veterans. We give the convicts health, education, internet, cable t.v., 3 square meals and now in many states felons will get their voting rights back. (NOT a right it is a privilege) What we give the elderly and many vets is a couple of bucks to pay for their healthcare and some cat food. A few politicians on the full term abortion band wagon are also pushing for the euthanasia of the elderly with Alzheimer's, Dementia and terminal issues to unburden the healthcare system. A short step to target other "burdens on society". We treat the illegals better than the old and vets. A good gauge on society is how they take care of the old and their veterans. Where do you think we stand by that criteria?
  2. Mid to late 90's when the offerings from the other manufacturers got caught up in the option packages instead of building 100% to spec.
  3. I'd have it repaired. I had a hood for one of my old Marmons repaired by a shop that specialized in Corvettes. Cheaper than a new or used hood and has had no issues for a few years. Paul
  4. That is the issue with most all crimes today, big or small. . ..zero fear of punishment and or punishment based on social or financial status. Smollett and the SAT are prime examples Many (most) DA's and Judges follow the laws by their views instead of the laws as written. As I was told on jury duty by a defense lawyer "there are different degrees of guilt and innocence". I told her No either guilty or not no in between. They didn't pick me.
  5. TEKNO. Lots of cool macks in 1:50 and 1:34! 1:50 is ok, I can scale it up in the scan for 3D printing in 1:25 and 1:10 for R/C
  6. Have a photo of one we saw on Niagara think is was a James Concrete unit.
  7. What model company? Europe or the States? I know AITM does a few different ones. Paul
  8. Best you don't go there. . .
  9. Rotate the engine by hand until you get the low spot of the eccentric on the cam aligned with the pump arm, you will be able to see and feel it when you spin it and hold the pump in position. It will than fit close enough to run the bolts in.
  10. Like Obama coming into office worth 1/2 a million and leaving worth 8.6 million? I figure that was just a bonus. Never could see any honest reason to spend tons of money to get elected to a job that pays 1/3 of you outlay to get it. Look at AOC whining that she can NOT live on a lousy $179,000 a year, wants a 25% raise for all of the Freshman. Guess a Rep doesn't earn what a barmaid does.
  11. What else is new? All politicians. their staff and their families are all liars and profiteers out to line their pockets. ALL from the lowly street sweeper to the president are corrupt thieving dirt.
  12. Do what Joe says then look at the simple things like dirty grounds or corroded connectors, although the "R" flicker sounds like it could be feed back to ground to me.
  13. '66 4000 series, seeing the dual exhaust either the 305 V6 or the 351 V6. Got a clean potato hauler on on the farm on L.I. bout 38000 miles I'd sell
  14. I'll be up at my property in Maine mid next week, Mr Gushee's shop is / was close to me I'll go by and see what going on there.. Racing in 2 week Andy, just waiting for my Nomex Seems being 6'4'' 235lbs with size 14 feet and XXL hand size isn't an off the rack piece. :(
  15. The one Roadway posted is for sale but no idea how to contact.
  16. I and my wife when she was alive were armed at all times.I carried since I was in the service and when we moved to Israel in 1972 you open carried at all times. In 48 years I only had to pull out once about a year ago when a man jumped up to my cab and reached in to take my keys, he was met with the muzzle of my pistol. Now what would have occurred if I wasn't armed? People do not like weapons or feel the need to have one, that's their prerogative, me personally will always be a citizen never be a subject The concept of the rule of law is the bedrock of the U.S. Constitution. The founders agreed that for an orderly society to survive, we had to agree to a set of rules by which we would organize around, limit government power and create laws that would be evenly enforced and fairly applied. For the nearly 240 years our Republic has existed, these principles have stood the test of time. However, it is now eroding in ways previously thought unimaginable. James Madison, who wrote the model that framed the U.S. Constitution, said, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place, oblige it to control itself.” We are witnessing systematic chipping away at the adherence to written laws instead of working through the legislative process, courts of law or elections to challenge grievances. Former President Barack Obama issued his infamous statement to form laws more to his liking with his “pen and his phone.” The Department of Justice—namely the FBI—decided that the process and rules for investigating Americans did not apply to them. They operated lawlessly rationalizing that they self-righteously needed to save the country from a duly elected president they did not like. We saw it when Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, the nation’s top law enforcement officer at the time, publicly resisted the authority of the president when she said she would not instruct the Justice Department officials to carry out President Trump’s lawful order on Muslim refugees traveling to the United States. We saw it when several states, cities, and counties defied the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution and federal laws concerning illegal aliens and declared themselves sanctuary cities. Some county sheriffs have done the same saying they will not enforce state laws relative to firearms without doing it through the state legislature or the courts. The Weld County sheriff has even vowed to go to prison rather than administer a duly passed state law. Remember when after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld gay marriage in Obergefell v Hodges, Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples citing personal religious objections to same-sex marriage? She chose incarceration for refusing the Court’s decision. A Supreme Court decision has the effect of law. Whether one agrees with it or not is irrelevant. These gun control laws, including red flag laws are a thinly veiled anti-gun scheme and seem to be unconstitutional but refusing to enforce them is not how we should go about it. We have history to rely on where government officials tasked with enforcement authority decided that they were the law. In 1963 Birmingham Alabama Police Commissioner Bull Connor adamantly refused to carry out civil rights laws while defending segregation. Democrat Governor George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama and defied the Supreme Court order to desegregate public schools in his state. This is the slippery slope of men and women deciding that the duly passed laws of the state or federal government mean nothing to them. Now we have state prosecutors in Georgia's five most populous counties saying they will not enforce the state’s legislatively enacted heartbeat law that prohibits abortion after a heartbeat is detected. it is all outside of our agreement to be a nation of laws and not a nation of men and women. When government officials both elected and appointed fail to live up to their sworn oath to administer the law and instead decide they are the law, the laws are thereby not consistently applied and this create an ethics gap. What they swear to in their oath doesn’t reflect the way they behave. These people are substituting their judgment for what the duly passed law says. Folks, this puts us on a road to a very dark place—anarchy. If certain people do not like duly passed laws, then they need to work through the legislative process and the political process to build a critical mass of people to change it through elections or petitioning the Court for relief. I hesitate to encourage appealing to courts; however because it invites a temptation for judges to engage in political high jinx and activism or act like a super-legislature. Think Justice John Roberts and Obamacare. We then become ruled by people in black robes instead of leaving to the elected legislatures that lawmaking authority, which is reserved for them. This attitude of deciding which laws we will follow or evenly enforce is problematic. Once we get used to it, it will become a habit, once it becomes a habit the government loses its legitimacy. When that happens, we are no longer a constitutional republic. We cease to be a government of laws and return to the type of governance under King George. We become subject to the whims of particular people or groups who are known to intimidate and bully to get their way.
  17. If you get them for under $3500 each the aluminum dump bodies are worth it. Might break even selling the chassis' afterward.
  18. Safest place to start off at for at least 15 to 30 minutes.Like sheep in a barn.
  19. Operation Fishhook May '70 was our claim to fame
  20. Grundy covered my trucks because I have a few cars and motorcycles with them, The policy is for a vehicle collection, I don't know if the will insure a truck alone.
  21. Some aspects like power,road habits and comfort they are probably better and figuring inflation cost in line more or less.The newest seem to be pretty reliable, diagnosis and repairs seem easier with the proper tools and training.Granted we are not going to fix most issues on the road and keep moving but those of us able to do that are a dying breed. But unfortunate most. . . not all but most seem to diagnose from the parts room not knowledge. Seems they just don't have the techs or the were with all to train any. The new truck I was allowed to use on a job site for a day had a computer failure. I called Gabrillie and told them the issues, they said they'll have it picked up in the morning. I explained to them that with it not running it would be in the Atlantic Ocean when the tide comes in. I would like a new Anthem with the 505 h.p. Macks 10 speed and 65000 walking beam but in my business it would be For me an electronic unit is a risk. I'll stick with 1995 and downs.
  22. Do it up 100% no air issues, oil or coolant drips and no grease on zerks or past seals. DOT goes over board on us that run older units. They seem to feel that we are easy marks. Paul
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