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  1. There is a factory program for DDEC 3s Gets. 430hp/1550tq. Gives power and fuel economy . Check with DD shop in your area. I would get the DD shop reprogram, the PDI stuff is to costly for a work truck plus a DD reflash is 50 state legal. Performance Diesel out of Saint George Utah has big power ECM up grades, turbo up grades and such but just their ECM starts at around $3000
  2. 41chevy

    More BS

    Ops Rolling Thunder and Line Backer II are a prime example. Massive bombing rid of 159 B-52d and G's plus Fighter bombers, Intruders and Freedom Fighters. It was to validate the bombers could survive a Soviet SAM/Flak and fighters to hit a target and return. It was a rush plan because Kissingers peace talks slowing and Nixon was afraid the Senate would vote to make peace at any cost. Nixon specified the route, altitude and triple row of B-52's over the input of SAC and the S.E. Asia Command. Cost them 12 tactical aircraft shot down (fighters and observation), 16 B-52s shot down, 4 B-52s suffered heavy damage most scrapped, 5 B-52s suffered medium damage, 43 killed in action, 49 taken prisoner, 38 wounded. By than my wife and I were in Israel. Bad idea 15 months later.
  3. 41chevy

    More BS

    Yes and no. We held our own with minimal support but were not allowed to just plain fight it as a war with everything we needed and the support at home. As for the fiasco, Kennedy wanted us out totally of there by 1964 and when Johnson became president it seems to me he had to prove some unknown point and escalate it. And yes it was a waste, we gave up everything. . .EVERYTHING when we pulled out. All the loses and issues for zip. And yes it is on my mind every day for 49 years and I still can't fathom why we were there to this day. That all said, I can honestly say I did what was asked and would regret it if I did not. Paul
  4. 41chevy

    More BS

    Stupid decisions are made constantly with little thought of repercussions. My unit was in on Operation Fish hook the invasion of Cambodia. we were less than 3/4 kilometer from our objective and were ordered to pull back 30 plus kilometers back to the border. Because of Kent State Nixon and Gen Abramms both felt this was not the proper time to be there. Always thought to many choices are made by people without the whole picture. I thought Qaddafi was another mistake, but Hillery ran that show.
  5. SORRY but I C a n n o t r e s i s t p o s t i n g this.... m u st n o t p o s t t h e l i n k AAAARRGGGGGGGGG
  6. 41chevy

    More BS

    Makes sense since the former POTUS Barry Soweto helped create them. Seven men with Kentucky Long Rifles and one paper heart with a safety pin for each..
  7. My shop is 100 x 100 . . . I have to work wth only the nose in the door because of lack of free space.. :(
  8. You know once the stuff is put in "temporary" is grows roots to be permanent.
  9. The 50 and under crowd have a rabid disdain of all vintage 4 door sedans and station wagons. Shortening a for door sedan into a odd shaped coupe will make some moron car collector happy as a pig in sheet
  10. Slide a piece of split foam water pipe insulation over the rod and fasten it with a few zip ties.
  11. I set a limit, it was passed and won't bid again because I don't need it. Finishing my wife's Nova and swapping my 55 Chevy engine into my Valkyrie.
  12. I'm sure the laid off workers, their families and the local business will miss the key lime part but not the corporate willy wooden shoes.
  13. Two more places on my list! Thanks for posting the photos. Paul
  14. https://www.carbideanddiamondtooling.com/Long-Pilot-Adjustable-Blade-Reamers-.437-2.562-Inch-Adjustment-Range-King-Pin-Alignment-Reamers-ID-6599-
  15. Did you know they moved from Long Island to Massachusetts? Arthur Gould Rebuilders Inc 789 Wachusett St. Building C Unit 2, Holden, MA 01520 (508) 210-0891
  16. Go into Hanks Forum and look for the thread on pictures, there is a post on the old site pictures and quite a few of the members have licks to their photos.
  17. I never really paid much attention to Camaros and Chevelles but do remember up dating the 67 models with 68 parts to stay in your Super Stock class the following years. Did that with my 1970 Challengers and 1971 Duster for three years in a row. Would bet he has it in one of his barns.
  18. I've put out feelers for prices on100 pairs. That seems to be the minimum for a white based unit.
  19. Never knew he was a drag racer! The movie mentioned came out in 1968 so that dated the photo at early 1968. 1967 Z-28.
  20. I don't need an other BUT I bid on it. Too nice to not take a shot at. They are quick with minor work. Thanks for the heads up. Paul
  21. My photos I post anyone can use , I can't see not letting people enjoy them, just don't put their name on the and take credit for them. Funny about taking the bat and ball and leaving, that's what Rob Archer said in his post on Hanks forum.
  22. Look what GM just agreed to with their workers. I see a lot more going out to get their piece of the pie.
  23. Excellent work! I'd be sorely tempted to do engine turning on the dash panel! Paul
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