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  1. To me it's in the drive shaft. It's got to be a u joint or carrier bearing
  2. Brian has a very nice collection, but that's what it is, a collection. For the right money, on the right day he will sell something but the stars have to align. That being said, he is a really nice guy who has been very successful to the point that he doesn't need the money and most of the time would rather just keep the truck. He has a 200,000 sq. ft. garage where the are all stored by the way.
  3. a friend of mine bought a new granite this spring with a mp7 405 hp and it has been a nightmare!!!! Towed 7 times brought into the dealer several other times. Injectors replaced, regen system replaced and computer replaced and it still won't run right. Mack promised him a new truck if they didn't get it right the next time several brake downs ago but haven't come through. They are currently sending a tech to his shop to run a regen cycle manually with a lap top to get him through the week with it. They are only getting it to complete a 30% regen. They told him that if he had financed it they would have helped him out with the payments during all the down time but since he payed cash he is SOL. STAY AWAY FROM THE MP MOTORS!
  4. if you can, stay away from anything built after nov. 2007
  5. BRIORA- They are nice pieces, But to me they only appeal to someone looking to complete a barn fresh/ older restoration 1920-1938 Ab or Ac or someone looking for something to hang on the wall. To me it would be next to impossible to bring them back to new condition for a completely restored truck. They are semi rare, but not unobtainable. The thing that hurts the value is the fact that Gary Mahan has had reproductions made up of all the old tags that are in new condition.
  6. wouldn't it very depending on the bumper? The older flat bumper has to be at least 8'' shorter then the newer one that sticks out then bends back toward the fenders
  7. I would prefer doors too. Mine are a little rusted out. Does that cab have them?
  8. I'd like to try to match the current gray interior
  9. I would appreciate that, thank you
  10. any play in the u joints? I have seen worn u joints bang around at slow speeds and balance out as you pick up speed. Also is it gear specific, rpm specific or just speed specific? try going 10 mph in higher gear with lower rpm's might rule out a transmission issue if it still vibrates at 10mph
  11. looking to buy a rust free cab for a 88 mack dm690sx. would prefer it to be a complete cab with the dash assembly intact. Any one that has one or any guidance to where one could be obtained would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. i think i am going to try and make one out of diamond plate aluminum and mount it to the the pedestal with the dump body controls
  13. Any ideas for putting a good looking cup holder in an r model cab?
  14. is the air throttle reliable? seems like it could be a lot more finicky then a cable.
  15. Did the e9 always have an air throttle?
  16. What year did Mack come out with the e9 and what was the v8 prior to it?
  17. some were worm drive from the factory(most of the ones I have seen) and some were chain driven.
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