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  1. exactly what it sounds like. There were regulations that the feds actually loosened up on. One example would be overall length of the truck. It used to be that in order to have a 53' box and a sleeper, you needed a cabover to stay under the length limit. Now you see 53' trailers being pulled by long nose, smooth riding petes with a stretch frame and a small house for a sleeper. Hence the death of the over the road cabover......
  2. The b cab may be smaller but it has a way more modern feel to it then the L cab. The rounded look of the B is a statement of the 50's and Americas obsession with aerodynamics and space travel. Rounded cab makes for less room......
  3. The collection has been pretty much dissolved. The owner, Dennis Yaworski ran into some legal trouble with his business and the rarest of the trucks were sold off to settle fines and legal fees. The rarest of the collection is now with Gary Mahan and Chris Berry in their private collections now I believe
  4. Donovan equipment will put new rails from behind the cab for $11 grand. $14 if the suspension need to be rebuilt
  5. I wasn't thinking 99k in mass w/o a over weight permit 130k with one on 5 axles.
  6. typical rate in my neck of the woods is $105 for a trailer. We can haul 99k on 5 axles with an overweight permit and trailer length doesn't matter. Trucking is about the only thing Massachusetts is lax on
  7. The superliner II came out mid year 1985
  8. 12r24.5 tubeless tires are equivalent to 12.00r22 tube tires. 12.00r24 tube type tires would be equivalent to 12r26.5 tires if they were made, but unfortunately they are not....
  9. if it is a mack AB it has been highly customized over the years. That is not a stock mack hood or radiator shell
  10. It all gets down to what the state you are running in allows per axle. Most states you are limited to 22k per axle (as long as it's rated for it) A few states Ma, Ri, Ny( NYC and Long Island) and Nj deviate from that a little. Ma and Ri allow 73k on 3 axles and Ny and Nj allow 70k on 3. This means that a lot of thes 3 axle trucks up here are spec'd with 18 or 20k fronts and 58k rears. This is when the tires become the weak link in the chain. On 58 rears you have an individual axle rating of 28k instead of the standard 22k. In order for the four tires on the axle to cover the capacity of the axle you need the 11.00r24 tires. On the front to cover the 20k with 2 tires they need to be 12.00r24. Now you wouldn't use these tires if you didn't have the heavy set up and are allowed to run the weight because the weigh a lot more and cost quite a bit more. Not to mention reduced fuel economy.
  11. To me it has to be that the rim is crooked and that's what is causing it to bind. In your picture it looks way further in on the top then the bottom. It is important to push in with your foot on the bottom when you slide the tire in. It shouldn't be loose by any means but at the same time it shouldn't be to tight until it runs up on the wedges on the back of the spoke.
  12. I believe the ac would have 74 hp. It probably wouldn't get going fast enough to worry about stopping.
  13. the last 6 of the vin doesn't tell the model of the truck and every different model could a truck with the same last six. Normally they ask for the last 6 with the model number or the whole vin.
  14. not sure where you are located, but there is a gentleman in Basking Ridge, NJ named Gary Mahan that would have everything you need.
  15. I would be surprised if I ever got mine up to 20mph! Its being restored now, maybe I will have a little more faith when it comes back with the brakes working properly and everything. Its got pneumatic tires but its a 29 and I am not sure that it has the new style brakes. Its a 29. When i sent it to Matt Pfahl the foot brake wasn't working, just the lever.
  16. seems unlikely to me, the picture appears to have what is now the Mack museum in Allentown in the background. It doesn't seem likely that a brand new truck made in Mexico would find its way to Allentown.
  17. Also most of the e7 superline rd were 12 speed. The 15 speed was popular with the e9
  18. Same pump, different injectors and turbo I believe. The pump just gets adjusted. I believe the e7 mechanical can go all the way to 454.
  19. Truck is owned a man named John McGeoghan. He owned a trash company in the area until he sold out to allied waste 2 years ago. John thinks that the truck is worth a fortune. Unfortunately the truck has been in its current spot for so long that it is pretty rotted and not worth restoring.
  20. Gary has an FJ that looks very similar, but it is mixer number 28 not 36 and it has a rectangular water tank versus a cylindrical one.
  21. Internal parts can most likely be wire brushed or soda blasted to clean them up. Unless they were subjected to the elements outside or standing water inside I bet it would just be a little surface rust.
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