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  1. Not mine but I thought it was kind of cool. Most likely someone in the 30's or 40's was trying to bring new life to an older powerless AC. The installation is seamless. It drives the oem squirrel cage fan on the rear of the motor and used the stock rear mounted radiator. This could have been an up fit done right at a Continental engine dealership. Notice the double coil and double spark plug wires. Very reminiscent of the double redundancy of a fire apparatus. The engine is a straight six.
  2. I got a period correct Mack brand (made for them by Heil) body from Gary Mahan. We are redoing the dump and tailgate hinges, The pump, Piston assembly, Linkages, and any of cast pieces on the body. As far a the rest of the box, we are going to replicate it exactly. It will be riveted together like the original. This is really the only way to get dent free, rot free box that doesn't look patched.
  3. It was originally delivered to Allegheny County, Pa as a municipal dump truck. I don't really know anything beyond that except that it ended up with a gentleman who owned Shell gas stations in Wisconsin. He did a rough restoration on it. I bought it at auction 7 years ago. The truck will once again be a dump truck.
  4. Figure i might as well post some pictures of the restoration of my 29 AC. I wish I had the talent of and time as some of the others on here, but I have entrusted the work to the qualified hands of Matt Pfahl. We will start with the tear down....
  5. I have heard that $500,000 number. The wellington truck that brought $310,000 is a nice piece, but there are at least a dozen fj's kicking around. There are 3 fksw's, all of which are in the hands of serious collectors and will probably not come available any time soon. I guess the only real way to put a value on one would be to see what guys like Pat and Lou would pay to have one.
  6. Was that the firehouse themed restaurant in Worcester? When I was a little kid I loved going there to see the AC.
  7. looks to be a converted fire truck to me. Its got double plugs, spot light and a siren. Not standard issue for delivering tires......
  8. They sit up a lot higher. They are on heavier axles and most of the time they are on larger tires (11.00r24 or 12.00r24)
  9. must be a converted fire engine!
  10. I can't speak to the lean, but you will love that engine/trans combination. I have an rd688sx set up the same and it really is terrific.
  11. To me, ELC just means Extended Life Coolant. Thats what cat calls their red coolant anyway.
  12. Well they aren't as old as you think, as they have the later radiator design. The second one looks to have the optional larger ac-6 radiator. If you don't have the Id plate by the passengers feet in the cab the serial number should be located by the front right tire stamped into the frame. Write the Mack museum with those numbers and they will provide you with all the info on the trucks such as specs, year, and who it was first sold to. Also, you should get to know Gary Mahan in nj as he is a wealth of knowledge and parts for early Mack chain drives. Good luck!!
  13. a superliner nose is longer then a ch though. I believe a rw713 and cl713 has the same or similar frame, its just that a superliner axle is forward and a cl is axle back. I would say that can be done.
  14. A b95 is a fire truck and the rule of even gas odd diesel doesn't apply to fire trucks...... The number after b simply refers to the output of the pump.
  15. I wouldn't risk it. That $40 could be awful expensive if it ends up costing you a transmission.
  16. Just spent an hour with Bruce, Mikes son, looking at the trucks. Quite a collection and very fairly priced. The orange McNamara mixer is a very solid truck with very little rot on the cab.
  17. Only issue I see with it is adjusting the gvw to 70,000 to 73,000 on 3 axles.
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