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  1. mack 18 speed makes loud scratching sound

    switching ranges from low to high and high to low is smooth. the only time the trans really grinds is when splitting from direct to underdrive...downshifting a half gear...and it doesnt even happen all of the time. sometimes all i hear is a slight smooth click and it pops right in. eighth gear direct to underdrive is the only gear that will grind most often and the only gear where the transmission will neutralize then i scramble to totally put the transmission in neutral and reset.
  2. mack 18 speed makes loud scratching sound

    how quite should gear splitting actually be with this transmission anyway?
  3. mack 18 speed makes loud scratching sound

    if i had a manual then i would inspect it myself but seeing that i dont i wouldnt be able to identify the synchro and if it were even worn because im not sure what its supposed to look like and or how far gone it could be.
  4. mack 18 speed makes loud scratching sound

    what do you mean by just pulling down the rear case? would it be a time consuming job just to inspect what it needs?
  5. mack 18 speed makes loud scratching sound

    is that a costly repair?
  6. often times when shifting from underdrive to direct or vise versa, the 18 speed in my truck makes a loud scratching sound. is this normal for a mack? the only other mack 18 speed i had driven prior to mine was in a 98 rd with a 427 and i remember it doing the same thing but it also had 500k plus miles on it. is this normal? also sometimes when splitting from direct to underdrive to downshift, the transmission will neutralize and just grind. whats that about?
  7. 400 motor to 460 swap

    can you drop a 460 in place of a 400 in a 2000 rd?
  8. trunnion with 58s has about a half inch of vertical play on the passenger side. is it to late to be rebushed?