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  1. Did the e9 always have an air throttle?
  2. What year did Mack come out with the e9 and what was the v8 prior to it?
  3. some were worm drive from the factory(most of the ones I have seen) and some were chain driven.
  4. I know this is an old post but red dot make a factory like under dash unit
  5. I have a dm690sx that is a 300 with a 5 speed. Would that make sense?
  6. I am just going by what the guy told me when I called. What is the difference between a 300+ and a 300? I thought it had to do with rpm
  7. with 120,000 miles in 30 years, it had a lot of days off from work. The guy told me its a 6 speed 2 stick with 300 plus, 58,000 rears 18,000 front, 12ft behind the cab, on 11.00r22 rubber. It worked pulling that summit demo trailer in NYC so that is why it is short. I am not sure when Mack came out with the rd688sx with a 350 and a 12 speed, but the 300 with a 6 seems to me that it would be under powered out of the city.
  8. Saw that Superliner at the Bolton Fairgrounds show. Sure is a beauty! Is it a v8?
  9. All I am saying is that if it were an rd688sx with a 350 and a 12 speed and 14ft behind the cab sitting on 11.00r24 or 12.00r24 I could see paying that kind of money for it, but that is just me.
  10. Heavy spec, but short framed. 12 ft behind the cab. 11.00x22 rubber
  11. I believe they have an identical rd 686 that only has 22,000 miles. It is for sale "FOR THE RIGHT PRICE"
  12. Good stuff, would that cummins have been a wet sleeve?
  13. does anyone know if what kind of shape the trucks are in? Did this fellow have them running or have they sat for years? I like that red lj-swx
  14. It seems most of them i see have a cummins, was that the popular engine?
  15. What would have been the original engine options in a LJSWX?
  16. I believe that the B-85 was a mack B80 series with a 275hp or 290hp cummins in it
  17. I have an AC with the same setup. The rear wheels stick a whole tire width beyond the body. Matt Pfahl says this is correct and the only way to narrow it is to return it to the original solid rubber tires.
  18. Thanks, That truck appears to have 44,000 rears not 58,000 though
  19. Want to buy a heavy spec superliner (58,000 rears 20,000 front) in good condition. I would prefer it to be set up as a tractor. I don't care about what it has as an engine that much. If anyone out there knows of any out there, let me know. Thanks, Ed
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