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  1. A few Mack ads for the western logger. Zenon Hansen used his long established connection with the Murty Bros from Portland OR to build the first Hayward built R model for logging. It was displayed at the different logging shows that year. There was an article and picture in one of the old Bulldog mags. Remember the deep candy red Superliner logger that was on the Mack calendar years back? I was just informed it is still a beauty and in storage from by the original owner.
  2. I spotted a log dog at the local Mack dealer this week. It is based in Yreka, CA just over the hill.
  3. Not many at all, I took my Pete and LTH to a log show this past weekend in N Cal and it made me realize from talking to the old timers and seeing a lot of pictures just how dominant Mack once was in logging. I have seen a few Granites in S. Or and N Cal. but no often. Mack had a nice display and an axle forward whatever they call them now. But KW and Freightliner both had full dressed log trucks on display. In fact at one time Mack dump trucks out did every other truck badge 8-10 from Seattle to Eugene OR. I know Scarsella Bros in Seattle still run a large Mack fleet including a Titan or two. Mack had a company dealer in Medford when I arrived in 76 that is how many Macks were sold in the area.
  4. Talked to a Mack salesman at a logging show this weekend said he has sold a dozen and told me that the factory is booked thru September with orders.
  5. unfortunately, I don't have a single picture. Dad took off with a driver's 20yr younger wife and moved to Oregon in 1970. A few of his trucks were abandoned and taken back by the bank. My Mother discarded everything to do with him years ago. He had some pictures and after he passed I tried to get them from his ex and she tossed them just to piss me off I guess. I keep thinking someday I will see a picture of his trucks pop up on the internet sites. A few years ago I ran across a guy that was still leased to Tryon and turns out the dispatcher had been there since the 60's. I called him and he remembered my Dad like it was yesterday. I asked if he had any pictures and he said he never took any of the trucks. I can remember hanging out in Tryon's yard while my Dad played cards with other drivers in the office. Morrisville, PA or thereabouts then.
  6. does your backdrop have the fin that seperates 3 cylinders in it? All that I have seen with the fin will say Cummins Diesel on the 2 pieces.
  7. My Dad hauled steel for Coin, Tryon, Kelly, and Kaplan out of the New Castle area from the late 50's thru 70's. He was a Mack man and that gave me the disease. Went everywhere with him in the summers. He had H and G models with really short triaxle trailers!
  8. Yes, working on it as I type! Since it wasn't a pedigree I decided to really do some custom work on it as it will be my driver to shows. So we are redoing the entire interior and dash, making a fairing between the sleeper and cab ( I never liked the round R cab against a flat sleeper), note the western R model step box, rebuilding the turbos.
  9. I recently picked up # 1304. rough but all there. Has double frame that is pack rusted so first job is to reframe. I use to get back to New Castle, PA to visit my mom and always enjoyed cruising the roads looking for trucks.
  10. correct and the black on is a 1928 AP Mack that was a former open cab fire truck. It would have had a large straight 6 gas motor too. Now it is powered by a cummins SC 350, Mack triplex, and an R 170 on air. The frame, front axle, steering and wheels are original.
  11. There was a maybe 1 ton Reo for sale in Hemmings car mag the past year. I kept being tempted to buy it because the cab is what you need for a Jr. Not sure of the frame differences but appears the same. but the fenders and grill are larger than a Jr. A pic of my 37 JR I restored in 94.
  12. Single heads is right. Here is a KTTA in a superliner. From the factory it was a KTA.
  13. Joe "Mustang" put a 1693 in his H model. It is a pulling machine and really runs nice but does drink the fuel. Here is a picture of Joe many years back working on it.
  14. I have not seen a single Turbo 864. There were quite a few in the NW in L cab B75's and all seemed to have been naturally aspirated. Talked to Steve Trevitz who was a Mack engineer on the V8 program and he told me that when truck pulls got big that going back to the 864 twin Turbo that was factory it allowed for E-9's to run twin turbo and stay in a stock class. He sent me an article on this and I will dig it up and post.
  15. Don from the Mack museum provided me the build info on the V8's. and after we talked he revised it by adding the import V8's as they were sent to Australia and France. Which explains the Renault COE that I saw in Paris with French Bulldog across the front! Mack V8 Diesel Engines.doc
  16. yes, he has 2 that are near identical on the exterior.
  17. yes, a makeover on the interior too. Also making a custom panel to fit between the cab and sleeper to hopefully make it look cleaner. Thinking about moving the batteries into the step boxes and using the old Western R model air tank step covers on it too. Kind of mix it up a little.
  18. You saw it here! a sneak picture from the skunkworks of the J series update. It will be on the scene at local shows hopefully in 2018!
  19. I have a NOS back panel that includes the cab corners and it is the same as the superliner. The orange cab came off a Hayward built R-700 that had the early 1001 cu V8 in it before they were called E-9's. I need to research what year it was. That truck is now the converted LTL with that early V8 in it that Allan Nelson owns. When he replaced the cab with an L model cab he gave it to me for the project.
  20. I am aware of the original R cab and then the 3+ cab later in the 70's. I have an R-700 series with the 3+ cab but it has a different body line than my superliners. How many changes were made to the R cab?
  21. mackdaddy

    Last LTL?

    What is the story on the BM you have? any pics?
  22. I like the color scheme and it is a close combo to the original Tremoss Green and Caribbean Orange that was standard on the Jr. I did not know of a color card at the time I restored my Jr in 1994 although I had literature naming the colors. So I went with Mack green and chrome. I have since learned of the Mack Museum and was able to get a color card from them. some years back a guy in NJ restored a jr back to the original colors and it was sharp making me think about redoing my truck to those colors. The picture is a Jr I believe sold in PA some years back with original color patina left on it.
  23. the Grill or should we say Holy Grail is complete...............
  24. 6ft ladder........... The 2018 ATHS calendar has a pic of my 57KW and trailer. Cracker is in the right seat driving it. He is sitting on a couple pillows as well.
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