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  1. Well after recently acquiring a western 1693 powered R700, it got me thinking just how many were actually built? I've read all the old posts I can find on here, but i didn't really find much as to an answer. I know Robs truck is rarer, being an aluminum frame RL, but there couldn't have been too many more built. I can figure there was atleast 3 more. I was told that my truck had a twin, but it caught fire and burnt up. Also, one of the previous owners had sent away to the mack museum for the history, but the paperwork he recieved doesnt match my truck. He was sent paperwork for 2 other trucks.
  2. Thank you man.It has front brakes, as well as what looks like power assist steering. I haven't driven it yet, but the PO told me it works, and I don't doubt him. As far as I can tell, I'm the 4th owner. I'll take whatever I can find on them. I've got a B model, but I'm new to R models....especially westerns.
  3. Palawman no truck a/c, it had a roof mount that has been removed. Brian it has one tank on each side.
  4. They are under the diamond plate covers right behind the steer axle. They look to be chrome originally.
  5. Thank you. I was told it was ordered out of york, PA. I'm assuming its built in California, then shipped to whatever dealer placed the order?
  6. Sorry im working on figuring out how to rotate the pictures
  7. I just picked up this one a couple days ago. I figured I would post some pictures, as from doing my homework, there weren't many built. Shes a 1974 RS755LST with a factory installed Caterpillar 1693ta. The transmission is a 13 speed, and its riding on camelback. The truck originated in Michigan where it and its sister truck were bought by a small paving company to be used as lowboy tractors. I was told the sister truck caught fire and burned up. It needs some work to be roadworthy, and eventually I'll source a replacement cab as the one that's on it is toast.
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