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  1. Reads like the articles on Mack in the early 80's when they were hemorraging. They are getting to a point it will be real hard to turnaround. And when you run out of cash it all but over without a takeover.
  2. It can be done! I got the Valueliner into the states. I still need to get it licensed though.
  3. I was told by a few of my Aussie friends that White brought one down under to test it out. They said it came into the dealer after crossing the outback and the FRB gave out around the floor boards and the drivers seat was about to the steering tire below. They called it the Tupperware Tilt Cab!!!
  4. A white 5000 is an engineering marvel to say the least. How many parts on one was specific to just that model? perhaps the whole truck! even the front engine cover of a Cummins is unique to it. The best is that the radiator stays when the cab is tilted and there is something like 7 fan belts to finally make the fan turn?? The advertisement for one stated they were designed for fleet maintenance.
  5. No, typical of west coast they were changed out for cummins. I have 4 in the boneyard that way. I have a few spare V8's for conversion back to original.
  6. I sure regret not painting the 66 R719 I got from the estate in her colors. Maybe some day I will! I have the B in the picture too.
  7. about what did a Superliner cost with an all Mack drivetrain tandem and V8 in the last years of production?
  8. Thanks for the replies as for how it runs I have to first say it handles really well and has a great turning radius. I have driven most every US truck including my Superliners and I have to say that this is what you would imagine if they did a modern retro version of say an LM. It is the most bad ass truck I have ever driven. Now I know why they have remained so popular over there. and of course the V8 Mack is just as Mack coined it.........the whispering giant.
  9. Could not help myself. Took the truck for a run into California to buy some cheap liquor. Took along my old truckin buddy JD as he does not get out much anymore. A few pictures one on top of the summit and the other at the California border.
  10. I have a temporary plate on it as I had to send all the paperwork to Salem as the local DMV was totally confused what to do. Talk about a small world, I get a call yesterday from a young lady who is going to school at Oregon State. Her Dad is friends with Glenn the former owner and a few hours later she is here to see the truck. It is a very odd feeling sitting on the right side and shifting with the left. I noticed that the differentials and tranny vents were plumbed up above the frame and thought that was odd. I called Glenn and asked about that and the unusual fifth wheel that sits on a turntable. He said mate............when you drive through water above your diffs you don't want to fill them with water! and for the fifth wheel he explained that his trailers were blocked not to turn on the grease plate but to allow the fifth wheel to turn at the frame. this allowed for the sway in pulling the multiple trailers and to keep the center of gravity lower.
  11. After several days of uncertainty with Customs I finally got the Value liner released and into the USA. What a truck! Wow is all I can say after driving it. Mack Austr!!@!alia should be running the US operations. This is a Mack like no other that you have ever driven!!
  12. I have always thought that Mack should have offered the R cab that was used in Iran and the Mideast. It could be used as a sleeper or just for extended leg room. even on the Superliner it would have been an awesome option.
  13. Saw on Taylor Martin brochure for upcoming 12/5 auction in Brighton Colorado
  14. Speaking of bumpers.......beware of 32 Chrome in Wisconsin. I received one of the most awful made bumpers,,,, in fact unbelievable. Called to sort it out and the owner called me a liar and he would not take it back. I even offered to pay the shipping back so that he could see for himself since he claimed the pictures we sent were not accurate.
  15. So we finished rebuilding the hood of a Superliner II and it still sits several inches away from the cowl. I am wondering if I have an aftermarket hood? Anyone got the length that a stock hood should be?
  16. Here is a long nose B model that I wont get around to restoring. give me a PM
  17. I got word today from a friend of mine who's is in on the Christmas tree haul that one of the brand new Macks made it as far as Denver and they had to call the hook...........computer related shut the rig down and they could not figure it out. So they brought in another one.
  18. Thanks for the response and I think it must just be unique to the T2090.
  19. I tried to go back to another thread on the T2090 and it would not allow me to post? just kept saying that it was saving the post? Anyways, I picked up a MH with the T2090 and it shifts just fine but when sitting there idling the tranny sure has some clunking noise to it. Pulled the plug and no signs of metal. is this a common noise?
  20. That was great! I loved that grand ol opry video. Don't you know that gal can shake a double bunk!!
  21. You said it right. You have to wait until you see that rpm needle drop at or below the 1300 or it wont go in.
  22. there was an article in Bulldog about this truck. it was a complete rebuild. I remember thinking then that it seemed somewhat odd to put so much into it for real work.
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