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  1. What a great looking B61,I really need to find one of these B's to restore!
  2. I've seen some guys on here saying about some trucks for sale at 15-20K they wanted restored money for them.Also that their truck would only be worth 10K after restoring them ect.My question is,where do you see restored B models selling for 10-20K?
  3. There's a decent amount of working B's out there, maybe just not in your direct vicinity.They old trucks seem to be making a comeback too,due to the cost of new ones and all the smog equipment
  4. I don't think your getting new parts thats for sure!
  5. Price don't seem bad at all compared to the junkers I've seen sell for 5 grand or more!
  6. Great job on that one!Not sure I'd agree with it being one or 2 or 3 with all the correct parts.I know of a few tucked away that are very untouched since new.You'd be amazed what's out there!
  7. I'd love to find a B75 that's close to original,most I've seen have been stretched and repowered.
  8. Good luck, that will be pricey if you can find a nice one.Any engine pics?
  9. looks like you need to get the basic theory of driving a truck transmission down first. Don't worry about a tach, shifting at the lower rpm is making it a little more difficult also in my opinion.You're better off using no clutch than trying to shift it like a car,will not last long like that.
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