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  1. If the "jake" basically opens the exhaust valves in the compression stroke letting the compression out. Wouldn't adding an exhaust break wich holds exhaust in the motor totally counter act the functions of the "jake" brake?
  2. I'd love to buy a property like that. I know where the kids and I would be spending our free time. Be like Christmas every time we'd be there.
  3. How close you looking? I'm about 1 hour south.
  4. This one was at gerharts show 2 years ago. Believe someone said is was from Canada. I didn't look at the plate.
  5. I could imagine a few of them running around a jobsite could get pretty hectic.
  6. Unless you where driving brand X that it was pulling.
  7. A guy from upstate Ny on here bought mine with a 4.62 ratio, s-cam brakes, & 22" spokes. I was very happy when he insisted on giving me $350 when I only told him $300.
  8. Very neat, thanks! It looks like a frameless today without the scope.
  9. Ok, young pup here. What is a cable pull dump trailer?
  10. I think they took them out around the same time as the turnsignal.
  11. Looks like fun. Would be a neat truck to make a "rat rod" out of.
  12. That's a great day! I remember driving mine the first time with no fenders and stuff.
  13. Love the stance and look of it. It does look on the rough side, but it would definatly look really good on the road.
  14. Did the ad ever say it was forsale? It was just a picture, not a classified add. Don't people read? I bet he would send you an extra $10,000 over the sale price through western union just for your troubles.
  15. I think it was a mistake, and they welded it together inside out. Atleast I'd like to cut mine out, flip it around, and put it back together.
  16. I agree with you on that. I live on the susquhanna river about 15 miles south of where the the north and west branches join. Thes west branch came from tye mountains and up into ny. The north branch came from the coal regions. When I was a kid and we went fishing you had to go to the other side of the river because it was cleaner. Now our side is the cleaner side wich is mostly north branch water from the coal region. We take our kids out kayaking and the water is beautiful, but there's no way I want to drink it.
  17. I was thinking that too, but that being said. I never hauled steel but crew up with my dad pulling a covered wagon for decades. My teachings would of been to put 2 coil racks on the floor to hold 2 oak 4x4's in place. The coil would then sit on the 2 4x4's and not actually touch the trailer floor.
  18. Don't people use coil racks and 4x4's? I'm surprised they left him out of the mill.
  19. Little different then what you normally see the guys up north drag race up the hill.
  20. I like how the sexy B with the hydraulic boom has the $ sign on the grill.
  21. Garage that full already that your misplacing stuff?
  22. Its 5 or 6. I found it right before gerharts show in Lititz this past year. I don't have any brackets or clamps between the back 4 lines, and I think the one actually ran over the valve cover. So I know stuffs not right. I will double check and see if I can find some type of # tomorrow.
  23. Thanks, we can wait and see what pops up.
  24. I'm looking for the back 4 fuel lines from pump to injectors on my 673 non turbo in my B. I'm hoping sombody has a parts engine laying around that they could remove all 4 still clamped together. I cracked the back one in fall, wich is the bottom line between the valve covers. My lines are a mess, and are missing the clamps. Like I said I'd like to get all 4 as one assembly if possible.
  25. You just need a cheater pipe for more leverage on the cab jack handle.
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