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  1. I forgot to mention the jumper wire. That's exactly how the oil pressure shut down acts.
  2. when I had the identical problem on a 97 CH it was the oil pressure shut down sensor -- the one on the rear side of the oil filters base. It didn't show a code and would sometimes run a month or 2 with no problems then again it might shut down every few minutes.
  3. I don't grease the king pin but I do squirt the teflon with liquid dish soap every week when I grease the truck. You'd be surprised how much difference the soap makes
  4. bigen my old mess has always pushed a little oil through the harness and it comes out the ecm connection so I don't sweat it. On 15,000 oil change mine uses about 1 gallon of oil or a little less so it doesn't take much leak to look like a lot. I'm glad MackPro said where it comes from because I've worn callouses on my back sliding under trying to get a better look behind the oil cooler. did you get the new east coast large car home yet?? I've been busy running short loads and haven't been able to keep up with your new large car adventure.
  5. Mark I feel for you. My worst experience ever----Years ago I was attempting to make delivery in Braintree Mass but couldn't find the customer so I called them for directions. After having an experience like yours and talking to the owner, his son, then 2 different local delivery drivers they all agreed they didn't know how to get me there from where I was. I flagged down a city cop and showed him the address on my bills and he started laffing and pointed to the building I was standing beside. The dumba$$ customer was in the building I was parked in front of to use the payphone. The building had the wrong name on their sign and there was no number displayed but I was supposed to know anyway I guess. Nowadays I use my GPS but sometimes it puts a load of flammables into residence or low weight surroundings.
  6. When ours does that the speedo sensor needs to be cleaned then it's good to go for another couple of years.
  7. 41chevy it must be spreading. There's only one local salvage yard left the other 2 couldn't comply with the regs. We used to have one each Carquest and NAPA stores but both were put out by AutoZone. The remaining bone yard had to put a privacy fence around the yard and had to put drip pan containers under each unit so no oil or fuel gets on the ground. Everyone of our mom & pop service stations are gone so now we have to use Walmart or Quik-Lube for maintenance and use a tire dealer for tire repair. I miss the mom & pop stores because I think service and product were both better and they were my neighbors and friends.
  8. I feel exactly the same. The first Mack dealer I used (also in the 60's) never had to special order for me. Mack closed at 5pm but in an emergency they would leave parts for me at the Greyhound bus station because Greyhound was open 24 hours. Now I have to wait 2 days minimum for parts plus go in and sign a mortgage on the farm before they will order the parts.
  9. The kit was $54 at Houston Mack but the one I bought at Mack in Beaumont, Texas was $128 so shop it around if you can. I wish I had read the instructions before installing the first set because if you don't install them like rhasler has instructed they can cause coolant push out.
  10. That's a good looking set up and the weight sounds good. I always did better on rates with a drop especially after I learned about picking up LTLs I see how your truck looks with fenders so I better get off my lazy can and put mine on. Somebody stole my fender brackets before I could get them installed so I got disgusted with them and didn't put them on.
  11. Happy birthday I had the same problem with a 97 CH and it turned out to be most of the rubber was gone from the front motor mount. The noise was much worse when turning right or taking off .
  12. Happy birthday. I seem to remember 30 but that was about 30 ago. There's a lot of wisdom in what bigen said about it.
  13. JerryB


    Howdy neighbor. Yeah H T pulls a lot out of Citgo but not me. I'm mostly Exxon or Citgo oil & lubes into Cicero or else I pull Huntsman various chemicals going north from Tx and then mostly bonding agents out of Morris back to San Antonio or dallas. I go to our Channahan yard at the Dedicated trailer wash every week or so. Man the construction jams on 55 & 57 are killing me. I think you'll like the forum I haven't seen a bad egg so far.
  14. I saw 3 of those driveway mishaps just last week. Stevens had 1 and Swift had the other 2. On the same trip I saw a Pam Trans in Little Rock back over a newer KW huge car at the Pilot and another Pam had backed over a fuel pump at the J in Texarkana. I'm no male chauvinist but I couldn't help noticing 4 of the drivers were lardass wimmin from the Obama tribe.
  15. JerryB


    Hello from a SE Texas fellow tanker yanker. Welcome to the board and I hope you enjoy being around here as much as I do. I'm an owner operator with an 04 Vision running mostly Houton/Beaumont--Chicago turns. These guys have a lot of valuable knowledge and have helped me a lot since I've been here.
  16. In days gone by I have done 673 and 711 exactly like Rob says and it worked fine for me on gravity too.
  17. It looks good. I like the visor and the stripes on bunk.
  18. That's been my experience over the past 35+ years dealing with turned up trucks too theakerstwo.
  19. I haven't run that route in 25 years but it used to be hell with a super 250. My old mess is doing good nowadays I just wish the AC was better but it stays fairly cool. I never hit an elk but I know for sure a deer will take the shutters and fender out on a B61 so I can only imagine what an elk would do to one of our modern fiberglass rides at 75-80mph. I don't care for brokers either. I never saw over a couple who were honest. The worst I ever dealt with were with produce out of south Florida and produce out of Califrooty. The best I ever dealt with were Jesse James in Salinas, Ca and Commercial in Haines City, Fla but both are passed on now. I think all the brokers and logistic companies since deregulation are crooks.
  20. hello bigen what about the 1000 to 1200 pyro reading?? with 80,000 gross and running @ 75 mine never gets over 900 in a hard pull. coming across from Yucca thru Kingman on 40 and down 93 to Phoenix then 10 on home it never gets over 900 in middle of the day ambient temps. I like to run nights then it drops considerably. I've got a Behr electric fan clutch and engine temp is running constant 210 or so. It sounds like you're having good luck these days and that's good to hear.
  21. In that time frame my local Mack shop was a Mom&Pop where Pop ran the shop and raised 3 boys who knew every part for a Mack and how to install them. Mom and her sister sold trucks. Our local Detroit-GMC shop was the same story with his 2 sons. Both the shops used books and went extinct about the time they all had to go to computers.. Corporate shops have replaced both dealers now but it was fun while it lasted. I was always amazed when I went in and ask for something that even the children knew where to go get my parts off the rack without looking at a book and how to bill it out.
  22. I found seal at a company that builds roll-off boxes. They have a heavy duty seal for haz-mat boxes and you just roll it out and cut to length. It's thick enough to seal a 1" crack.
  23. when I had that buzzer problem recently it was the cluster like you said. I kept the bone yard panel in it and haven't had a problem since. http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?showtopic=14797&st=0&p=59443&hl=+seat%20+belt&fromsearch=1entry59443
  24. I hadn't noticed this thread before but If I'd known you were this close to me I'd have offered a beer or a t-bone or something.
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