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  1. You have got some epic pictures of Mack's and UK middle east overland transport trucks , would you mind if I copied and pasted on a site Astran trucks and middle east driving on facebook .

    I was a subbie for Astran doing work to Qatar and Kuwait then Uzbekistan with my Mack , there are a lot of old guys that went overland to Iran back in the day .

    If you read on the site I have written articles of my time on the road my story starts with me remembering my mate Davy Griffiths who's memory I carried for 35 years and didn't know about the facebook page with all my mates on it .

    Thanks ( Leslie Naylor )

    Les .  

    1. mrsmackpaul




      Help your self to the photos, to good not to be shared

      A Griffiths hey, there's a few of us Griffiths jokers about lol




      Paul Griffiths 

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