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  1. That pressure is under load. Only runs about 750 to 800 on the pyrometer. Sounds like im closer than I thought. I would like to get more out of the ole girl. It only has 206000 original miles. Problem is my younger brother {who is bigger than me} has an Astro with a B.C. Cummins that whoops up on me. Very disheartening. Lol. These trucks only put on around 10,000 miles a year & im kinda a performance nut. I want the engine to produce what its potential is and get mpg. The MAck gets @6.1 mpg. I think that's fair for an old COE pulling dropdeck, hauling logs and chips at @95,000 gross. So yes you're advice on getting a little more power would be nice. This is my first E9. I do love that set you in seat tourque .
  2. Hmm. I thought mine had low boost. It only does @17 psi. Thanks for the info. I have checked for leaks. Elimanted the puff elimantor. IT doesn't smoke under load. lol, I must have the only E9 that would pass emissions!
  3. I'm new to the site. I like what im reading. Anybody know what the manifold pressure for a 1983 E9 should be? This is an early E9, has the V8 ambosch pump. 400 HP.
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