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  1. Swap the wires in heater fan. Did that swap to a DM plow truck once. Froze my butt off next storm. Blower motor going full tilt. But in reverse.
  2. What about the freightliner COE next to it? Were there any other COE's there? My son was showing his Dairy calf at Cornish fair so we didn't make it to the show
  3. Now that's very interesting. And made here locally too
  4. ws721

    RD air cleaner

    Yes Global did locate the correct air cleaner. So that's covered. They are Great people to deal with. As for the COE's. Well somebody has to keep the tradition alive. Have you noticed out on the Big road the COE's are making a bit of a comeback. Folks always tell me they don't want to be the first one at the accident scene. I say Real Truck drivers don't need a Hood to aim with. I know why MOST folk don't like COE's. Each to their own
  5. ws721

    RD air cleaner

    LOL. I think im beyond help. I LIKE my COE's. I own 3 Mack , 3 IH's, 1 Marmon, and others. Between my brother and I we have 14 COE's.
  6. ws721

    RD air cleaner

    Ok so I now own a Mack with a Hood. Im getting plenty of harassing from friends. Its a plow truck. Its in need of an air cleaner. 1995 RD that has inside outside air intake. A what style of air cleaner is this? B Where do I find one?
  7. WOW!! Very interesting. Instead of watching TV I read these forums and am better off for it.
  8. 12V71, KTA, or 3408. OH YEAAA!!
  9. We have 2 Marmon COE's. I claim that the engineers at Marmon didn't own a protractor, just a Square. Cab is almost perfectly square. Im the 2nd owner of a 74. Man said his Dad ordered the truck then went to Texas to tour the plant. Has air ride suspension, air slide 5th wheel, power R.H. window, Roof mount A.C., 350 Cummins with a 13 speed. Quite a truck for 1974 IMO
  10. I just bought 4 new air bags for my 84 Mh with Neway and put new air bags on my 83 WS with Neway 4 years ago. The WS has a rather rare Neway with the shocks mounted to the top of the axle tube. There out there.
  11. My 1 & only time drinking Moxie ended up resulting in having a son. Rugged stuff!
  12. I like the shot where the driver backs up to the dock without first opening the trailer doors.
  13. ws721


    What was the first year of the E6 4V? Would anybody know what model Jake Brake fits an E6 2V?
  14. Are you talking about the intersection near the Gerber plant?
  15. Drive past that garage a lot. The lettering on the front of building is faded beyond being readable now. always wanted to stop and look around. Too late now. Shoulda Woulda Coulda.
  16. Youre correct about the rust. Too bad because IMO they are about the sharpest COE. Very few COE's had nice body lines. F model and the Transtar are about the best. Nothing beats my Marmon for NO body lines. Square box on wheels
  17. I remember Nashua had a couple R models. One in particular was dressed really sharp. Alum front wheels, visor full bumper. I was told a story about Holmes a long time ago that they had a couple trucks with fuel stickers for the east coast. When they needed to send another Mack south they just swapped the doors so the other truck had the fuel stickers. Don't know if its true or not
  18. I have several sale brouchers from the 70's and 80's but not that one. Would love to find one for the Cruiseliner. Thanks for posting
  19. F model shares a lot with the R model for parts. Just hope you don't need windshields. They at Pricey
  20. That's cool. Must be Brand new, I think 77 was the first year of the B cabs. Thanks for sharing
  21. Do your trucks use the Delco Remy A6 compressor?
  22. kinda like how every 8V71 Detroit is automatically a 318. Have owned several 8V71's and many different HP's. Still it looks like a decent truck
  23. If your Cruiseliner is 24 volt then there is a rather heavy gage wire coming off the right side battery box that powers the cab. At least that's how my "eastcoast" Cruiseliner is wired. My "westcoast" built cruiseliner is 12 volt. I can go and try to follow the cab power supply if that helps. The power wire I'm talking about is the same gage as a starter wire on a lawnmower. I dont have much in the way of wireing diagrams but I do own 2 Cruiseliners. I'm more than happy to look at mine and tell ya how there wired. Good luck
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