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  1. If the trucks birthday is Jan 2000 then chances are the engine was built in 1999. If that's the case it is exempt from ELD. Friend runs a 2000 Freightliner. Gets a lot to see his ELD. Tips the hood, shows them the 1999 engine build date and he is exempt
  2. Yes thanks for sharing. Back when trucks were trucks. Does anybody remember the dark blue J&F Macks? I think they had a 1 piece subframe that the cab & sleeper sat on and was air ride?
  3. Its the V pump. Engine is an 1982. I need just the Hand Primer. That's whats leaking
  4. So my local dealer tells me the hand primer is obsolete. They did give me the following part #. Old # is 318GC17C. New # is 5479-102077. Does anybody have an idea where I may buy a pump? Mine is leaking fuel in a steady stream. Thanks in advance
  5. Remember, that was back when Mack was rated "to the ground" horse power. as mentioned here already, a 350 Mack should keep with a 425 Cat. We had a E6 350 that would whoop up on our 425 3406B. & that's no Lie
  6. If ya going to have a Hood, it might as well be one of those! very nice!!!
  7. Wish they had put 24.5s on to fill in the gap in fender well. But a very sharp looking Superliner just the same
  8. I thought that Grill was used after shutters went out and before Mack realized that the Grill shouldn't tip with the hood. I could be wrong. Friend had an 81 with that Grill. Personally I like it along with Alcoa wheels. Like the white r with the big fuel tanks. That's cool
  9. Ive gotten myself into trouble more times just because I bought trucks just to keep from being scrapped. Then try to figure out what to do with them. So far they have all found good homes
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    Thank you Gentlemen
  11. ws721


    This may be a dumb question but... I have been looking for an air ride seat for my over the road truck. Easy enough except I want a Red seat. Cant find one any where. Also as its going in a COE I don't want a wide seat. Plus I don't want to grow into the width of the seat. My current seat is comfortable but its Tan. When you open the door on a COE its staring you in the face. My interior is red. Is it to much to ask for a Red seat?
  12. So in your theory that means states like Nebraska should be very poor just cuz they don't have a big smelly crime ridden city? Like was already said here, Upstate NY would do better than just fine without the "city"
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    That's cool. Thanks for sharing
  14. I remember when at an FFA national convention other kids would ask "what do you grow up there in N.H.?" I'd say Rocks & Condos.
  15. What a beast. Like to know what the specs are
  16. Wow!! That's great of them to do that. And decent of you to pass this along
  17. I have a Marmon COE that I would really like to find a 12V to install
  18. I have a MH for sale on CL here in N.H. that comes with a extra cab but the parts cab is missing the Grill. Hard to come by Grills, windshields, brake valve mount
  19. Aint that the truth!! Im starving. Thank goodness for the State "welfare" check for standby pay. But I sure didn't wear out my trucks this season. Guess they will be ok for next season
  20. I thought "Tube type" just has a snap ring? And "Split rim" ment the rim was actually split all the way thru? Correct me if im wrong
  21. Your missing out on one the Greatest engines ever built!! Who needs Viagra when you can listen to a "Wispering Giant" running. Love the sound and torque of my E9
  22. LMAO!!!!!!!! I read this thread 2 hours ago and im still Laughing!!! Made my day
  23. S.A. Mclean, aka "Snowman" in Limerick, Maine. He is the source for Oshkosh and Walters. P.M. me if you want the phone number
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