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  1. You have a rare gem there. I would very much like to have that interior for some of my projects. Biggest draw back to those is the electrical system. I have a few books on 9670,s if ya get in a spot
  2. My only Mack with a HOOD😱 96 RD with 154,000 miles. E7 with 8LL. When ya lift the plows the front end does NOT go down
  3. What was wrong with the cab jack? Same as any other COE
  4. Is this V8 the old E9 of Mack's?
  5. I was wondering if that brake can had more strength. That makes sense. Its now just a plow truck. Doesn't ever exceed 45 mph & will never haul any weight again. Thanks for the reply
  6. What is so special about a "Roto" brake can for the sterr axle on a 20K front axle in a 96 RD that Mack wants $744.85 per brake can? I installed a standard type 24 can. Its doing the job. Never seen a Roto can. It bolt together
  7. ws721

    Mack MH

    That is a Beautiful cabinover
  8. Glad I read this. I was told by a local dealer to stay away from Jost as they are cheap poor quality. Maybe I investagate further
  9. Nice!! Im partial to the round fender A cars.
  10. I actually saw the trip your talking about. I was going across the Thruway. What I would give to have that adventure today. That's saying something because I've had a few adventures of my own. In fact I posted a couple of em on our website.
  11. Try Global truck here in N.H.603 239 7008. They have a kit to sell to do what your looking for
  12. Info on GM trucks can be hard to obtain. When GM got out of the truck business it seems the records weren't kept anywhere. Also I was told by a Retired GM guru that there was a warehouse fire that destroyed a lot of info. Not sure if that's true. My brother has 2 very rare Astro's that he dug deep on for info. Took almost 2 years.
  13. Its interesting because I like the grill. Everyone has different taste and that's a good thing. I think the Grill is cool just because they didn't make a lot of em. Very cool truck all around!! Enjoy it. Ya Gotta have Pride in your Ride!!! Please don't take it personally Maddog
  14. What would you do if ya won the Lottery? Easy, I'd just keep collecting & trucking until the money was gone.
  15. I plowed snow with a DM that was rusty. Had to wear rain pants in slushy snow. Boss kept trying to replace the truck but I liked it and made him keep it. Many cans of spray foam, sheet metal kept it going for more years
  16. That's cool. Thanks for the link to the show pics. That 80's Freightliner sure had a lot of time spent on it. Looks just like the truck in one of my Freightliner ads from back in the day. Lot of nice trucks there
  17. Wow. That's almost a 20 year run. Impressive
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