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  1. Hey buddy haven't been on in awhile myself and your blog tells me we're both in the same boat. CEPT my Bulldog is doing O.K. for now. Maybe one day they will get that cat to work as advertised. Anywho our frieght sucks as bad or worse and I have managed to stay out of most of the bad weather. Good luck.


    Hi Mackdaddy!..well, i've been running my ass off the last 3 weeks-going south too. 2 trips to Mobile week before last,New Orleans last week, and Eagle Pass, Texas this week. Came all the way to Jackson, Tn. to reload though, and that's going to New Jersey. I just hope it lasts...

  2. Tom,

    Yes blogs are read and it's great to be a part of something bigger than we are...meaning the joy to be alive and seeing and being part of this beautiful country. I have seen a small part of it from motorcycle and plane. Keep posting the sites so people that work in an office and those that can't get outside anymore can see the wonderful photo's you do supply. Glad the wine turned out good. Try and think of Jesus when you drink the wine.

    Thank You!


    Thanks Mike, I will.

  3. You know what's interesting -

    There is a 400 pound Federal weight exemption for an APU that almost no one talks about! And - the industry has adopted 400# as a "standard weight" for most of the units made today.

    So - with an APU of 400 pounds, and the weight credit that's available, you wouldn't lose anything as far as payload limits.

    If you want to talk to the Moore's, I would make them a tremendous deal just to get our feet wet in the APU business. We are going with Frigette units - a company with a long history of mobile A/C and power units.

    (In all fairness, there may be a Frigette dealer near the Moore's shop. They just won't be as friendly or as cheap as we are!!)

    The truck APU unit is totally self-contained, and does not cut into the truck's systems at all (very important for warranty issues). It is powered by a little Kubota diesel that is made in the USA, and the rest of the unit is completely made in the US by US companies. The APU provides air conditioning, heating and electric power (both 12v and 110v) to the bunk, as well as providing battery charging to the truck batteries during operation, and heating of the truck's engine if desired in cold weather operation.

    I think we can install the unit, complete, including a hotel and dinner for the driver overnite, for about $7,000.00 per APU. That's really competitive when you look at all of the other self-contained units.

    It uses around one tenth of a gallon of fuel per hour, compared to the big diesel using around a gallon per hour at idle - so the payback is a pretty short period, just in fuel savings. Not to mention the potential savings in tickets and reduced maintenance.

    All we need to solve your problem is a small check, and 31" of clear frame rail!!


    You know if it was up to me you'd be the only man i'd deal with. I'll pass on any details to Jeff and Todd Moore about your deal. Todd is V.P. of F.L.Moore and Sons, his brother Jeff owns the truck I drive, so his truck doesn't necessarily have to be the same as the rest. I'll see if I can talk Jeff into giving one a try whenever he trades this Pete.

  4. I can feel your pain.I'm a company driver,drove a brand new 9900I International with an ISX 500,and it stayed in the shop. Always EGR problems. Now I got a C-15 Cat Accert and it's just as bad,always something wrong.Drove several N-14s and never had a problem with anything. All the new trucks we're getting have ISX 485s and they out pull the 550 Cat I drive-or at least stay right with it on a hard pull, and they've had no problems that I know of...so far.

  5. That jobsite picture reminds me of a recent picture that was floating around

    some of the truck websites.

    It's of a Peterbilt that is pretty much burned to the ground. Caused by the driver

    throwing a chain over the trailer, and over the power lines and - well you can guess

    the rest.

    The lines you're parked under look plenty high. But there's cranes parked there onsite too.

    Be Careful


    yeah, I think the signs said 230,000 volts...

    I'm barely scrong enough to throw a 2" strap across the trailer anyway.

  6. Tom,

    If you cook them slow in the smoker oven, do they dry out?

    Or do you have some sauce or liquid in there with them for steam?

    I'm remembering the South Florida BBQ places doing the butts in a fire all day,

    cooking real slow - and they are excellent.

    Then you put your own sauce on the meat at the table.

    I think it's this weekend's project.



    Absolutely not-it seems to work like browning or searing the meat on the outside, sealing the juices in. The first time I made one of those smokers I cooked a whole hind quarter of venison in it, kind of just testing it out. I was expecting it to be really tough and was very surprised when I went to slice it when it was done and the juices just started running out of it. It was very tender and i've been a smoker oven fan ever since. A chicken on a can comes out the same way. I always smoke a whole turkey at Thanksgiving and they don't even get dry.

  7. Dear Abby:

    OK - I hate to admit it, but -

    I think I may need your perfessional opinion.

    Now I don't want to you to get a swelled head or hurt yourself in any way,

    so be careful.

    I'm thinking of making some pulled pork BBQ with pork shoulder butts.

    Everything I've read, or everybody I've talked to says just to cook the meat

    in a covered pan with water and some sauce in the bottom, boiling it until it falls apart.

    What I had in mind, however, was to brown the meat real good on all sides first, with some rub on it.

    Then put the meat in a pot with some genuine Gladys sauce and spices and maybe a couple cans of beer,

    rather than water for the steam. Slow cook it for a long time until it falls apart. Take it out and pull it all apart,

    then put it on a tray over a fire to brown it all up some more before putting it in a serving dish with a little more sauce.

    Am I correct in my thinking that this should have a lot more flavor than just boiling the pork?

    I would think it would have a lot more flavor. I usually cook boston butts in the smoker oven (low and slow) with just the rub on them, but I don't see why your plan wouldn't be good. That's kind of how they make the barbecue at the Toga benefit-they cook the whole boston butts on a big grill, but they don't cook them until they're completly done. Then they take them off the grill and pull the meat off and put it in these big stainless steel pans with the sauce and let it simmer in the sauce until it's done. Everybody seems to like it.

  8. So what's the deal with the Port Card?

    Is it "National Security" or just another money grab?

    $130.00 seems like plenty of money, just to let a guy in.

    Sounds like bullsh-t to me. Seems to be a lot of it out there.

    At least the short freight hauls are moving.

    Have a good weekend.


    I think you hit the nail on the head with the "just another money grab". At least that's the impression I got. I've been cleared to enter nuclear power plants, but couldn't enter the Port of Wilmington with a load of piling? Sounds like b.s. to me too.

  9. Now that's just funny right there-quite possibly the most funniest thing i've ever seen...or read! Excellent title Paul, way better than mine!

    I have lots of thoughts (Paul VanScott) and ideers, but I can't think of a title to post them, that's why i'm always waiting on you so I can copy yours.

    That show sounds a lot like the Stonewall (Va.) antique power show, where they have old trucks, cars, tractors, equipment, hit and miss engines, old time rock crushers, hay balers, saw mills, flea market, and on and on...i'm still mad that I missed it this year because they never bothered to put the sign out on rt. 460. I asked about it at the bank in Concord and I was too late- it's only a few miles from F.L.Moore and Sons shop.

    That IH cab looks pretty good on the Pete chassis doesn't it? I'd be proud to drive that. What if truck manufacturers went with the retro look like auto makers with the Mustangs, PT Cruisers, Dodge Challengers, and soon to debut Camaro?..could you imagine that cab with late model everything? or a B-model cab on a new Mack-bigger of course- or a Cannonball GMC cab with todays running gear behind it?

  10. I haven't even thought about an Emeryville in years. When I was a lot younger a fellow from Gainesville Ga had an aluminum West coast model that was made in Emeryville Ca. It had a Hot Rod Cummins that had been ballanced for 3500 RPM's The last time anyone remebers seeing it, the GA, Public Service had it chained to a lamp post.

    3500?!! might've put a hot rod a 903 in it. Lot of people called them 9-o-nothings, but they did all right...or so I thought.

    You should go take a look-maybe it's still there, with flowers planted in it.

    I was very surprised to see that one at Mr. Duncan's. It was one of the ones parked in the power line across the road from his shop that I didn't look at the first time I went. It's actually a tandem straight truck with a pintle hook to pull a trailer. He said he got it from Oregon, but it was originally from California. I think they made another model that the cab sat higher than this on. I've seen a picture on Hank's and 3 guys were standing in front of one and their heads weren't as high as the top of the radiator. I always thought they were just a neat looking truck, so I replaced that Peterbilt cab with it. I can hang a lot of steel off the front of the trailer now-no rear overhang with a 60' load!

  11. Is your Caterpillar service facility OK?

    Ours, in Batavia, is a Milton Cat shop,

    and probably the most arrogant group of people I have ever dealt with.

    The mechanics all seem to be pretty nice. Everyone else is affected by some

    personality disorder.

    They have a fantastic facility that is virtually empty on any given weekday.

    I believe that the company actually chases away more business than they get!

    It's a really good reason not to buy Cat, if you live or work near here.

    I'm told that the Syracuse shop is a little better, but the attitude problem starts

    right at the top in Milton Cat's corporate structure.


    the guys are all nice, but i'm not to happy about going back again after less than a week. I once left the truck there on A Thursday to get something fixed, maybe the same problem, and when I picked it up Sunday and left for Fremont, Ohio I didn't get half a mile before the light was on again. You can still run it, but it derates itself and cuts your power way back.

    Batavia sounds like Truck Enterprises in Roanoke, the KW dealership. Everybody in the service department, from the service manager on down is an a-hole. Or at least they used to be, I haven't been there for years. They have a place in Lynchburg now too, and everyone there is nice.

  12. Any word on the stray ostrich?

    I mean - did anyone else besides you see it?

    Did it talk to you? Was it pink?

    Seriously - It was a pretty nice truck show in Macungie. You would like that show anyway,

    it's in a park with a lot of big shade trees. Although, I think there was going to be some

    interesting times getting the trucks out of the grass after today's rain!

    There was a fantastic little military half-track running around pulling stuff out of the mud.

    It ran like a sewing machine, and there was no noise from the tracks and undercarriage.

    Nice toy!

    Lots of good trucks at the show. And a lot I haven't seen before.

    Jimmy says he's going to Winchester, Va. for the show with his W-900 - maybe you could meet up

    with him there. I can't go that weekend.


    Too early to say, but i'd sure love to go-that's always been one of my favorite shows to go to.

    well...Jo saw it. It was about 7am. It was flourescent orange, with lime green wings. Wish i'd taken the camera outside, but who's expecting an ostrich to be passing by?

  13. sure it is-that's me standing under the owl. it's a small garden, so it's easier to take care of, and we've had lots of rain this year-lots! the last 2 years we had hardly any rain...and I fenced the rabbits out. they ate it as fast as it came up last year.

  14. You need to keep the soil warm to grow the baked potatoes.

    It's best if you sleep on the garden during the the cold nights.

    I would thin the basil into a couple of other pots. It's pretty hardy stuff,

    and it should take a transplant with no problem.



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