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Have A Good Holiday Everyone.

other dog


I'm done for the week, actually got in Thursday night. I went to Baltimore with 60' beams Wednesday night and loaded at Sparrows Point Thursday. Left at 2 o'clock and got to Lynchburg at 8:00. Usually takes a little over 4 hours, but the traffic was terrible. I even washed the truck when I got home. I sent Kelsey some pictures of it in case she wants to put them on the new FLM website, www.flmoore.com .

Got a few pictures, some from last week.

B-model Mack wrecker on rt. 422 in Pa.

...I think I saw nocluejoe on the capital beltway Thursday

that's some traffic there,eh?

rabbits in the front yard-at least they weren't in the garden!

nice looking mixer

coal pile in Newport News

a big blue ape in Tn.

dinosaur in Tn.

boat on I-40 just east of Knoxville-looks like it'll get you to the fishin' hole in a hurry!


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Boy that looks like some pretty serious power sticking out from under that boat!

Have a good holiday!


yeah, 3 props.-oughta tote tha' mail!

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Yeah I thought that was you behind me buddy. Sorry my cb quit working that day & my cellphone was dead so I couldn't touch base with ya...........Anyway that boat looks like a rich man's bass boat to me..lol

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