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Long Time - No Blog Too



Hard to imagine how fast summer slips away.

All of a sudden, the days are shorter and cooler,

and the nights are still dark.

Anyway, I got a new clutch, rebuilt pressure plate

and had the flywheel cut this week. Got new throw-out

and pilot bearings too. Time to join the transmission and engine together.

This old 711 should look and run with the best of them I think.

All new Aeroquip hoses and ends. New gaskets and seals done.

Everything cleaned and painted and ready for re-installation in the frame.

Got new tires and wheels too. Should be rolling around in my new go-kart

in no time!

We went down to the annual Steam Pageant and old Caterpillar equipment

show yesterday. I haven't been to that show in more than twenty years.

It is absolutely fantastic!! I had no idea that it had grown like it has.

First of all - it's huge. Acre after acre of old steam, kerosene, gasoline and diesel

tractors, construction equipment and early farm equipment.

Literally, hundreds and hundreds of pieces.

Second - the rarity of some of the equipment is amazing. Stuff you've never seen

before, or even knew existed. There was a Rumley self-propelled plow. Three bottom,

about twenty five feet long, engine and steel drive wheel in front, controls at the back and the

plow offset for use in the field. It was built in 1912, if I remember right. Pretty cool.

Third - the stuff all runs, all day long. They do work with the steam engines and the Oil Pulls,

they have tractor pulls for the different antique tractors. The construction equipment is all

running and moving dirt.

It's really nice to see kids about six or eight years old driving the huge old steam traction engines

with their grandfathers walking alongside or behind just keeping an eye on the boys.

Those kids are hooked for life now!

Fourth - the flea market is so big, you can't possibly see it all in one day. Lots of fleas.

This is a great event. It would be a great event to couple up with a truck show.

It looked like there was room enough. And some of the haulers were pretty nice.

There was a long nose single axle "A" series Autocar updated with an 855 Cummins

and a ten speed that had moved a D-7 tractor for it's owner from New Jersey.

It was a real beauty. And there was a nice high mount cab Brockway moving tractors.

Last, but not least - I knew Other Dog was slow. I never said anything to anybody.

But now the plants are growing right over his truck from going so slow.

Someone should really help him out. It may be time for a walker.

He had a good title for a blog, though!

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Now that's just funny right there-quite possibly the most funniest thing i've ever seen...or read! Excellent title Paul, way better than mine!

I have lots of thoughts (Paul VanScott) and ideers, but I can't think of a title to post them, that's why i'm always waiting on you so I can copy yours.

That show sounds a lot like the Stonewall (Va.) antique power show, where they have old trucks, cars, tractors, equipment, hit and miss engines, old time rock crushers, hay balers, saw mills, flea market, and on and on...i'm still mad that I missed it this year because they never bothered to put the sign out on rt. 460. I asked about it at the bank in Concord and I was too late- it's only a few miles from F.L.Moore and Sons shop.

That IH cab looks pretty good on the Pete chassis doesn't it? I'd be proud to drive that. What if truck manufacturers went with the retro look like auto makers with the Mustangs, PT Cruisers, Dodge Challengers, and soon to debut Camaro?..could you imagine that cab with late model everything? or a B-model cab on a new Mack-bigger of course- or a Cannonball GMC cab with todays running gear behind it?

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