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Progress Report 07/16/09



Moving right along, and spending right along too!!

Anyway - Got the 711 engine out of the old R-600,

and did the transfer of those "few" items that need changing

to fit in the short hood of the B-67. Basically, everything on

the outside of the engine except the exhaust manifold and

the rear section of the air intake has to change.

The engine was steam cleaned and degreased. It got two good

coats of hi-temp enamel tonite, and looks great! I took off all

of the aluminum water manifold and air intake pieces so I could

polish them up.

Bought all new Aeroquip engine hoses and re-useable ends.

They don't give that stuff away!!

Also got new upper and lower engine gasket sets, crank seals,

clutch disc, throw-out bearing and pilot bearing on the way.

Expensive week for the old wallet.

I'm having the flywheel resurfaced, and will see if anyone will tackle re-

surfacing the pressure plate. It looks pretty good, and I'll use it as is,

if they aren't re-surfaceable.

Time to get the radiator checked out and get the transmission covers off

to see if everything's happy inside it.

Moving right along >>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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