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More Info On My 2007 Cl733



the best diesel engine mack has made was?  

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  1. 1. the best diesel engine mack has made was?

    • Thermodyne
    • Maxidyne
    • Econodyne
    • Magnadyne
    • E6 4V head
    • E7 4V head
    • E9 4V head
    • older ENDT V8 2V head
    • other engine not mentioned

I guess no one reads my entries much. If there are any other lucky people to own a Mack with a 565 Cummins engine, good luck. Cummins must have decided not to do alot of R&D when they came up with this motor. My reasons are simple, EGR cooler is poorly designed and destined to fail, Turbo also has a high failure rate, EGR valve same story and for the last, let me add the head in all of this mess. Much like most things, everything fails just after the warranty has ended. The only thing Cummins did for us was to take 50% of the price on the head and some labor. As I am typing this, my truck is in the shop once more for another EGR valve and poor mileage. The only good thing this time, the stupid valve is still under warranty. Whoppie!


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I can feel your pain.I'm a company driver,drove a brand new 9900I International with an ISX 500,and it stayed in the shop. Always EGR problems. Now I got a C-15 Cat Accert and it's just as bad,always something wrong.Drove several N-14s and never had a problem with anything. All the new trucks we're getting have ISX 485s and they out pull the 550 Cat I drive-or at least stay right with it on a hard pull, and they've had no problems that I know of...so far.

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GUY while I have not driven one of the newer Cummins equipped trucks my first truck as an owner-operator had an old M-11 cummins and it was a piece of crap.In the three years I drove and then owned the truck It had two heads replaced one cam and dozens of injectors. Not to mention an oil cooler cam sensor and the adjuster bolt for the belt tentioner pulley.

I have given the E.G.R. equipped engines a wide berth, I know the Mack asert motors were junk and as time goes by I see most of the E.G.R. EQUIPPED MOTORS are too. Just think if you buy one of the 07 or 2010 motors they have even more crap that can and will break. good luck.

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Well bro it don't matter what you buy now its the same story Cummins cat detroit MACK volvo don't matter, there all having problems with this addon junk!Now SCR is coming more crap to deal with and another 4-5 years of experimentation with the public!

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Sorry to say it but EGR = guts ache. The US went to the wrong emission technology. You wont like me saying that, but its true. When US04 came in you should have jumped straight into SCR like Europe (Euro4). Here in Australia we have been running US04 & Euro4 since 2008, so we have had experience with both EGR and pure SCR (no EGR) for nearly 3 years. Have seen both technologies at work next to each other. EGR has a far higher guts ache factor - VGT / Coolers / Valves / Fan hubs - all the stuff you guys know about - trucks with 5 VGT turbos in 2 years, 3 coolers etc. SCR is inconvenient, but the engines are pre US04, so they last and are a lot more reliable. Either buy / use urea or you buy / use egr spare parts / downtime. In January 2011 we go to US07 / Euro 5 and Mack will offer a MP8 rated at 535hp with pure SCR (no EGR) & drop EGR all together. This motor will be million km + unit, like the D13 520hp SCR is today. A Mack MP8 EGR / Volvo D13A 500hp EGR is only half as reliable as the SCR version - true story. As far as Cummins goes, they are going to EGR / DPF next year here (US07) same as Detroit. Their engines are pretty unreliable now - so things cant get any better for them. We Aussies havent a time table for going to US10 yet - hopefully they will defer it as long as possible - anything to avoid EGR in 500 hp+ / 145,000lb +( 65 tonnes application) in our heat!

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