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  1. I guess no one reads my entries much. If there are any other lucky people to own a Mack with a 565 Cummins engine, good luck. Cummins must have decided not to do alot of R&D when they came up with this motor. My reasons are simple, EGR cooler is poorly designed and destined to fail, Turbo also has a high failure rate, EGR valve same story and for the last, let me add the head in all of this mess. Much like most things, everything fails just after the warranty has ended. The only thing Cummins did for us was to take 50% of the price on the head and some labor. As I am typing this, my truck is in the shop once more for another EGR valve and poor mileage. The only good thing this time, the stupid valve is still under warranty. Whoppie!
  2. Thanks for the reply Boweevl. Since the last time on here, two different Cummins dealers have replaced the head and yet another EGR cooler on the engine. I am now in Tenn and have the same problem once more after we have spent close to $7k now. What is going on with this damn engine?
  3. I have a 2007 CL733 with a 565 cummins eng. I changed the thermostat but still have a problem with coolant boiling over in the radiator.
  4. I have a 2007 CL 700 series with a Cummins 565 engine. I am having problems with the power steering on it. If the water temp and oil temp stay above 200+ degrees, it steers fine. If the temp drops, it is hard to turn while steering. I have tried using ATF and regualr oil in it without any satisfaction. HELP ME PLEASE?
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