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Another Week

other dog


Got back to work this week, after having no paycheck last week. Shoulda got AFLAC I guess. I went to Metals USA in Ambridge, Pa. Monday with a 60' load of beams then loaded almost 49,000 lbs. of angle and channel in North Jackson, Oh. going to Petersburg, Va. Reloaded another 60' load of beams going to Oneal Steel in Ambridge, Pa. to deliver Friday morning, then brought a load of firebrick back from Alliance, Ohio to deliver in Madison Heights tomorrow. Should all be pretty good paying loads.

Picked the first produce out of the garden today. Cut a head of cabbage to make cole slaw-delicious on that venison barbecue I made yesterday!

took some pictures this week-

this is what I saw walking in the front yard when I got up Saturday morning-Jo in a robe, her Snoopy pajamas, and wearing my steel toed work boots.

a truck on a pole...

and some pictures taken on Sandstone mountain in West Virginia, showing both runaway ramps.


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Have a good week!

Hope you survived the beating after taking that picture of Jo and putting it on the Internet!


uh...actually she doesn't know.

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