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  1. I wish you could make it to Macungie Bob, there's an entirely different attitude. Might as well put my 2 cents in- I went to an ATHS Show in Winchester in 2005 or 2006, took lots of pictures, sent them to Old Bill. He scanned them- this was before I even had a digital camera, I had a 35mm Nikon film camera- and put them on his website, and added a link to the ATHS website. Somebody, don't remember who, I think it was Mike somebody, from the ATHS contacted me, wanted me and Old Bill both to come to Winchester the next year- on them. They said they also wanted me to take the pictures again
  2. Great pictures Bob, thanks for posting! I like the day cab K100 and I always liked the Hayes with the big "H" made into the hood, good looking trucks.
  3. That's odd- I was looking for pictures just now, doing an image search for something totally unrelated, and noticed a picture of Old Bill's red and black B 61. I clicked on it and it took me here- http://users.vianet.ca/bw1/The life_and_times.htm It's not his complete website, but most of his stories are there. How or why, I have no idea.
  4. Very nice, especially liking that B model dump.
  5. I was sitting on the front porch today drinking a beer or twelve, after I had finished my work or course, reading the book Old Bill sent me of his stories. I'm sure everyone here knows Old Bill, the "Diesel gypsy". I am so thankful that he did send me that book, because his website is gone, just like Hank's Truck Pictures, where his stories were also available. I started feeling sentimental, I hadn't talked to Bill since the last time, several months ago. So when I realized again that he was the greatest truck driver ever, I decided that I needed to call him. I got no answer, thinking that I
  6. I saw a red truck this week. And it's seat cover season, I saw a girl in a car at the stop light- Then I saw another red truck. And I saw another girl in another car at another stop light- They always have drinks, snacks, and phones handy! And I saw this nail in that board.
  7. And as i've said before, this is a great book to read. Tells the story of the convoy, the LeTourneau snow train, and lots of other things about trucking in Alaska, good stuff.
  8. You should have bought two tickets to paradise...just sayin, you really should've.
  9. I agree with the Antique Archaeology answer, they love old signs. I think they could give you an honest answer, you're not buying or selling, just want an idea of it's value.
  10. And here's a picture I ran across this morning when I was looking for cicada pictures. It's not my picture, it was saved on my computer in 2013, probably because it's one of the nicest looking B models i've ever seen. Looks like it might have been taken at an Australian truck show.
  11. And.........this just in, from the Winfall correspondent in sunny Florida at the bikini car wash-
  12. Really? I saw it in the parking lot at Food Lion in Rustburg.
  13. I could not tell what it was, never got a clear view of it, or a good picture either!
  14. I saw lots of planes, trains, and automobiles. Well, I didn't actually take any train pictures, so i'll throw this snow train picture in-
  15. Saw this one in Petersburg last week. I'm not a Western Star expert, but I think this is a Low Max. Not my favorite Western Star model, but some of those new ones are sharp looking trucks.
  16. They could come in real handy- I picked up 2 yesterday, and I called Jeff and told him. They're $14.99 for one, or two for $15- that's like getting another one for a penny!
  17. That's a pretty solid looking B model sleeper.
  18. Good deal on these straps, Tractor Supply. I saw a big Mack truck or two- I love watching Fox News on weekends. Happy Easter everybody.
  19. I saw a big Mack truck this week. I saw Cleveland too- I loaded a load of steel there, it looked like this- Loaded at this place Going to this place in Daleville, Va. I saw a big Mack truck in Cleveland too. And some big orange machines- Saw this unit on a trailer behind a pickup truck going south on I-77. This is a cow. and this is a dog and this is a smoking hot babe sitting in the shower. And that's all i've got this week.
  20. There's more Natural Bridge pictures here- https://www.flickr.com/photos/143936293@N04/page1
  21. Thank you. This was the first time i'd been there in probably 25 or 30 years. It used to be privately owned and very expensive, but now it's a national park and only costs $8 for an adult, very well worth it too.
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