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  1. Count me in for the unofficial board meeting Thursday
  2. My response will probably get booed but here goes. Elogs are here folks like them or not. Since the trucking industry can't regulate itself the government must. Take co's like Beam bros or my former employer, Tim you till you drop or don't pay you if you don't. Companies like that are gonna have to change how they do business or quit. No different with the speed limiter mandate. These co's are putting poorly trained drivers on the road who can't drive and go out and kill. You read it every day. In cab cameras, to monitor distracted driving. Another thing you read every day. According to the
  3. Where do I find the chat room?
  4. Someone that destroys the originality of a truck or car for that matter should be tarred and feathered.
  5. Yup it's working good Carl. Next project is to get the lights on the passenger cars working. Everything is there but the bulbs. But I'm gonna have a guy down in Lititz that does vintage electric work on this stuff convert them to led bulbs. Cosmetically I'm not touching the train. Letting it show its age. Don't worry I have no intention of ever selling it.
  6. This set is prewar 1932 vintage all metal and also has the whistle on the tender
  7. Did quite a bit of research before I made an offer on it. Didn't want to screw him on the price. Cost me $12 bucks to have the mechanicals gone over and lubricated. Having a minor issue with it running on fast track instead of the tubular style. Runs good till it goes across a switch then goes into neutral. Easy solution though. Really pleased with it.
  8. Picked up this train from Carl a few months ago. Just got the locomotive back from being serviced. Built on 1934 hasn't been run in many many years. Just needed the. Rushes cleaned up and a good lube job. Runs good except for a minor issue going across switches. Thought I would share some pics with y'all.
  9. You won't offend any of us by wishing us a merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Welcome to the Bmt jungle.
  10. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season. Hold your loved ones just a bit closer and take nothing for granted.
  11. Always knew something was different about you yardo. Now your secret is out.
  12. Rons been a bit under the weather lately. Y'all send him a little love and well wishes. Missed him at gerharts this year. I'm sure he'd appreciate the thoughts.
  13. That is sure cool. Would love to see it in person .
  14. Paul, might have a fella up my way could maybe handle that job. Can you give me specifics?
  15. Was thinking that myself , but with that being a tandem should be alright.
  16. I think I'm just coming down on Saturday only. Don't feel like dragging the camper down. Was thinking about getting a room but don't know yet.
  17. Couldn't make it again this year but will try and get to Hagerstown next Saturday.
  18. Just a quick question. Why are my horses walking backwards and who do I return the Lucille Ball wig to? Guess that was two questions.
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