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  2. I live in Virginia and haul local. Are you in Canada?
  3. Pre-emmissions means pre 1984, the regs got progressively tighter in 2004, 2007, and 2010. These were the last of the real Mack engines and in some ways the best, though they still had some glitches. But keep in mind that these trucks are all at least 12 years old which means while emissions-light they can still have all kinds of age related problems, especially if the truck has lived in the rust belt.
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  5. Thank you! Mostly concerned about these Mack engines 04-07. Hate to get going as an O/O and lose an account over a second rate engine design and downtime. Someone on here will know and have some input on the asset engines. Love the idea of pre-emission, pre cat-piss trucks but i might be better to buy an mp8 and delete it?
  6. Yep, $49 and I do remember that and the commercial to. Just did not want to show my real age. Wonder what $10 would get you in metal work? Sloping on about a quart of Bondo back then and hit it with some 80 grit?
  7. Politicians get too big for their britches, they think we are all too dumb and they are being benevolent.
  8. Roll offs tend to be pricey if you need one in a hurry- Takes a year from order to delivery for a new one so it's a seller's market for one that's ready to go, county here just paid $139k for a 2015 because they didn't know what they were doing. Prices don't sound bad, but make sure you're not getting a bastardized former highway tractor.
  9. Thought i would pose this question to the folks who know before i get myself in trouble. I need to purchase a roll off truck. Found an 06 Granite with 60K on Mack AI-350 and an 05 that is a really goodlooking truck with $45k brand new unit on back and an AMI 335/400 and 414k miles. Should i run from both? First truck will cost $60k. Second will cost $85k. I have searched for info and what lil i did find scared me. Thanks for any input.
  10. I got one on the way. Should be here in the morning. I really hope it does the trick.
  11. I hope you clean their clock, they all talk about supporting vets until it's time then it's more BS
  12. Glad to hear you’re finally coming to a conclusion on this! And remember that karma is a two way street, you’ll get what’s coming to you too, and hopefully it’s on a grand scale considering all you’ve done to try to help people out.
  13. If anyone recalls the issues I had with the incorporated village I live in about the disabled veterans housing development we were going to build, my suit against the town for bias and the disregarding the rights of the disabled vets has now moved the the Federal appeals court. The village has now lost the suit 3 times and has a final shot. Thye lose this time the town will be bankrupted . They should never ever have lied on record and video.
  14. Put a Mack transmission back in.
  15. Yeah but you ain't in south, still be missing a few teeth and 95# on each thigh, but yo you won't freeze in the winter and a little extra shade never hurts in the summer.
  16. 25162529 25170833 25014582 Those are the numbers I need I keep coming up with different numbers but not sure if they the same or what
  17. That’s messed up...... you need to work backwards and figure out what your transmission is in terms of model and what your top ratios are....list your trans model and diff ratio and tire size on the thread. Someone will do your calc.
  18. $149? That was too recent. Used to be $49, then $99 and "no ups, no extras"........LOL!! Yup, leave the windows down and get the interior done for FREE!!! Here's a real early commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkdtOOYdQOs There was one here in Canton. Friend who took body shop in HS worked there for a very short time.
  19. Thanks for the reply
  20. LOL.... You know that anything green will sell, doesn't have to run but Damn it has to look GOOD.... Looks like they sprayed it down with Tire Shine like at the cheap truck wash. Back in the day back in Cleveland, Earl Schibb "painted" if you call it that any car for $149.95 Leave the windows down and they'd spray the interior for free, guess they forgot to roll down the windows,
  21. I got to haul dirt to Vulcan in McCook today and tomorrow...I forgot what a treat that is 🤮🤮🤮
  22. Hey everyone i got 2007 Mack chn613 which came with Mack transmission but I jst swapped it with Eaton transmission everything went smooth but now when I drive it the rpm is very high can’t go no faster than 40 mph what should I do?
  23. Couldn’t even wipe the steering wheel...
  24. Ex H&K truck.Why would you waste the time and money to detail it with the bad motor?Looks like they put perfume on a pig.
  25. So I hauled 4 loads of broken concrete to welch bros in Bartlett. Saw a I think blue IH for Mr Stark getting pipe.I never knew that pipe plant was that big.been in national concrete pipe and hill which isn't around under that name ,concrete specialties plants and YEARS ago elmhurst chicago on sterns.nice plant welch
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