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  2. A picture from back in the day. The fellow that took this picture made deliveries with the B or an LJ mixer.
  3. im ok with doin the bearings but idk about 90 weight ,yea it has 673,000 ,how many miles are these usually good for
  4. I took a picture of it last year at Macungie. Nice looking rig!
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  6. 1.4 million miles.... Just broken in! The op picture I clicked in 2015 or so.
  7. This one has a Robert Bosch theres five more r models here of various years and all of them are American Bosch and don’t have this thing. Naturally I have the oddball. Lol
  8. Just fired up my 1995 e7-350, "cold" it's running 75psi oil pressure at idle. After a few minutes running it's at 60psi, pressure goes to almost 90 at 1600rpms. Maybe your pressure relief spring is fatigued or broken.
  9. that's a honey right there. I have seen some pictures somewhere of a neglected R in their colors
  10. Thanks, I did put a vent in the top. After reading your post, I noticed its hard to see in the photo. I've been getting guidance from a retired Detroit guy. Thanks again though. I'm always open to info about my Detroit . I'm trying to learn as much as I can . This pic shows the vent in the top better .
  11. Thanks. The dash looks good in photo. In person its not at perfect as it appears. If you have some time on May 11 and don't mind heading south. A friend of mine host a little show and shine in Alliston. Its about 30 min south of Barrie. You can see it in person, along with my Tri-axle RD that's similar to the one you showed the pic of.
  12. Nissan Diesel has seen better days.
  13. LOL Spose manure happens cya
  14. They've just put the Volvo FM 11 Drivetrain in to a UD Cab chassis (Glider kit).. i saw one the other day,& it still had Volvo stickers/badges over the Engine & Ishift Box..
  15. If I remember right, the top has basically a built in nut, just turn the bag assembly counter clockwise.
  16. Does this mixer look familiar to you? It is behind a fence so can’t get a better picture. Red and white dm600 with a rocket mixer.
  17. My R with a Premier seat had to 3/8 bolts so the bag didn't shift in the seat cup.
  18. Ah Matt but it does- I took this picture on March 29, 2019
  19. Thank you and I’m hoping I’ll actually be able to hear some tunes now. Mack never went all out for insulation and sound proofing. Lol
  20. Probably a bolt inside the cab.
  21. Tunes make being stuck in traffic not so bad. Sitting in a nice looking truck makes it even better.
  22. What speed is it idling at? Should be about 650 rpms. If it's lower than that then bump it up.
  23. and im pretty sure that orange and blue R doesn't look like that anymore.....
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