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  1. There were previous republican administrations, but Trump may have eclipsed them all when it comes to "alternative facts" in just his first weekend in office.
  2. Sadly, the looniness and outright lying of the last few days will be SOP at the Trump White House.
  3. I suspect the Transit Custom would be a better size for me if it were available here, I've got the usual 2 meter tall roll up door clearance on my shop. It's 2.4 meters floor to ceiling so I could get a low roof Transit in their if I converted to a swing door, but that's too much hassle. Going by Ford's recent press release, an electric Transit Custom will be among the products coming to Flat Rock, hopefully they'll build the gas and diesel models there too. As for USPS, they might buy 5000 or so to meet current needs, but they want something with stand up height inside for their LLV replacement order, which means something more the size of a Transit. IIRC Ford has a proposal in on that RFP and may win the contract. Canada Post, without a big van making industry to protect, bought the Transit Connect.
  4. For Trump. it's all downhill from here...
  5. Enjoy Trump while you can... The protest marches today had far bigger crowds than the inauguration in Washington alone.
  6. The scary thing is that Trump has no understanding of how cars and trucks are built, and thus no understanding of how international sourcing can sometimes save jobs both here in the U.S. and in other nations. For example, I've been looking at buying a Ford Transit Connect and wish it was made here, but it doesn't sell in high enough volumes here to make domestic production profitable. If Ford couldn't import the Transit Connect from Spain, we'd lose a lot of the U.S. jobs that produce parts that go into it as well as jobs in the dealer network. Throw up well meaning but thoughtless tariff walls and we'll see U.S. auto plants closing left and right.
  7. Given that the muslim population is a majority in many places and vastly outnumber the jews and christians, how come they haven't acted on your purported animus and wiped out the jewish and christian minorities? Are they too lazy to carry out that mission, or are you lying to us?
  8. And were not both world wars largely started by christian and shinto countries? I could paste a list of all the atrocities perpetrated in just the 2nd world war by the Nazis and Japanese, but it'd probably crash this site. Suffice to say, every religion and ethnic group has their tyrants, and it's unfair to label every follower of those religions because of them. I know several muslims and they're peaceful people, do any of you muslim haters actually know any muslims?
  9. You're making a mountain out of a molehill.
  10. No, the oil rich muslims will just buy up the food processing companies so they have a source of Halal food.
  11. Exceptionalism? Like health care costs double Europe's with worse results? And life expediencies that rival 3rd world countries? No wonder more Mexicans are leaving than coming!
  12. Because you refuse to accept the facts- For example, while Jews and Muslims may be enemies in some parts of the world, here in the U.S. they are increasingly allies and will stand up for each other if they are attacked. As for a war with the Muslim world, seems like it's you guys that want to start that.
  13. The cost of Kosher and Halal certification is peanuts, and the rewards huge... You're letting your prejudices get in the way of good business sense.
  14. Here's the facts from your own ABC network: Halal foods are a trillion dollar market, and you don't want Australia to get some of that market?
  15. Since when was Kosher or Halal certification a threat to anyone? Are you going to refuse to eat food that is Kosher or Halal certified?