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Merry Merry Christmas


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Merry Christmas to you and yours also

I second the motion and expect it to carry with all "Ayes" or you'll get to deal with "Momma"; (you best agree cause dealing with her ain't pretty).

Happy Holidays to each and every one!


Dog.jpg.487f03da076af0150d2376dbd16843ed.jpgPlodding along with no job nor practical application for my existence, but still trying to fix what's broke.



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Merry Christmas, Hope Santa is good to you boys and girls out their, gives you all the MACK toys you want. I could use one of those Tire Changing toys but don't know what store to get it from. LOL Maybe Terry could tell us? Maybe if I set out some cookies and milk, Santa might realize i've been Bad enough this year to send one my way.

Merry Christmas


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