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E6 350 4 valve jake brake parts


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I think it's been covered on this sight before in a different thread but I don't think you could get the E6 with a Jake brake. The later E7's I believe you could and the parts MAY be able to be swapped over. But it's a lot of work and not worth it in the long run. The best you can do is keep the Dynatard system adjusted right. 

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Yes you can get them, Jacobs no longer make them 


However Pacbrake make new Jacobs style kits for the E6

These as far as I know are the same or similar to the Jacobs brake and definitely not even close to the Dynatard in design

Pretty sure no push rodsare involved in the kit

Do some googling, they are pretty easy to find 



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I had a Pacbrake on a 12.7L series 60 Detroit and it worked extremely well. I realize a series 60 is overhead cam and not remotely similar to an E6. I am just attesting to how well they work on a similar displacement engine. I wouldn't be afraid of a Pacbrake if that's all that is available.

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