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Looking for 1100/22 tires

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SimpleTire.com has two models of 11/22. A Sumitomo ST508 all position for $752/each and an MRF brand (Chinese I think?) lug type tire for $480/each. I'm sure they are cheaper online but then you probably get raked over the coals on shipping 10 of these monsters. I would just check with a local commercial tire shop first. 

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NO!!  the 24.5 is a tubeless tire and the center is grooved in to let the tire stretch over the edge and the 1100/22 is a tube type with a slot for the valve stem.. 24.5 tubeless will replace the 22 inch OK as far as fitting on the Dayton spokes or 10 stud Budds


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An 11 22    in tubeless would be a 12 24.5  if you change to tubeless 11 24.5 is a popular size, but would actually be a hair smaller than an 11 22  . Doubt anyone would really notice. 

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