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2007 Mack CTP713b Injector Cup Issue?

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Cups were changed over the weekend.  Seemed like everything was fine today, BUT a squeaking noise started then oil started to come out of the breather.  I opened the oil cover and smoke was coming out smells like burnt antifreeze and oil. What do you think?  Did they install the cups wrong?

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Very possible. No stainless cup option on the 04 emission MP7 that came in the CTP/CXP. Copper cup installation might use different tools and procedures than the stainless. Been awhile since I did any copper ones. 

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Update.  Well had it taken in they took the oil pan off and said there were metal shavings and bearings.  So guess the motor is junk even though it only had 200k miles on it.  Go figure.  Now just getting some pricing to see what to do.  Ideas?

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On 4/17/2023 at 11:34 AM, Bas00 said:

Did they install the cups wrong?


15 hours ago, Bas00 said:


Sounds like they owe you an engine. I mean correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds like the engine failed as a result of bad workmanship. There is not really enough context here to determine who fixed the engine and/or who ran the engine to failure???

What happens when an injector cup fail(s)? I truly don't know. Does fuel get pushed into the coolant and cause the engine to overheat or does coolant get into the cylinders and wash the oil off making its way into the oil? I'm guessing fuel gets pushed into the coolant since it at a much higher pressure. But it sounds like you have bearing failure which would indicate the oil was compromised.

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