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R model pass door wont open

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Hello all,  Need some help with my 1988 R688ST

The passenger door wont open from inside or outside.  When I push outside button it just goes in, feels like its not pressing on anything, inside feels like it is attached to something, push down but no luck lift up can hear what sounds like it is locking. Key works outside and I can hear it locking and unlocking, there is also some resistance like it is definitely doing something. Tried pushing handle and had someone pulling outside while i also pushed out and nothing. Checked to make sure no one tack welded door shut and found nothing, seen that bs door rattle fix before smh 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Any thoughts on cause, or suggestions on how to pop door open without taking panel off from inside with door shut?

Would much rather get it open and then remove panel for repair



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Me thinks

normally U lift handle to open

push down on handle to lock

sometimes if the handle has been pushed down & thru lack of use being locked can cause trouble unlocking

we never lock our trucks

that way we get longr life outa the key and lock barrel


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Swishy, Thanks for responding.

Got it open.  These are down to open up to lock.  Sprayed some deep creep in the lock cylinder, let it sit overnight and opened with some effort this morning. Re-soaked everything once open and worked mechanism a few times,  working good now😁  I think it had just been locked for a long time. 

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glad to hear it's working. was going to suggest  with window up , a piece of thin flat stock ((jimmy stick))slid down window slot can usually get to the linkage . also can of penetrating oil with flex extension can spray door linkage from top through window door channel ,

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